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Berenabas Getahun

on 20 January 2016

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Black Lives Matter &
The Civil Rights Movement
Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter.
History of Movement
Michael Brown
Michael Brown was 18 years old
Ferguson, Missouri
Had plans to go to college and start a business
Shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson
Brown was unarmed but still shot at least 6 times
His death sparked protests in Ferguson using #blacklivesmatter as the slogan
Black Lives Matter were able to start a peaceful protest where more than 500 people from 18 different cities across America came together.
By Sophie, Berenabas, Robin, and Joey
What Will #BlackLivesMatter Do?
The Black Lives Matter movement will continue to grow and excel, and defeat
between races. It will become more political, and continue to fight for black rights. It will help teach people about racism and the how to combat it.
Started on social media by Alicia Garza
Patrisse Cullors started the hashtag
Cullors and Garza teamed up with Opal Tometi (activist) to start a movement
#BlackLivesMatter became the slogan for the Ferguson protests
Sparked protests worldwide: Berkeley, Paris, Tokyo, Australia, Germany, India and many more
Black Lives Matter: An international activist movement that campaigns against violence and prejudice toward black people.

Black Lives Matter works to fight systemic racism, interpersonal racism, and microaggressions against black people.

The Black Lives Matter movement is necessary to combat and raise awareness of
towards black people. Without Black Lives Matter, black people would stay oppressed and have no voice, but partly because of the movement, blacks in America now have a way to speak out.
Thesis Statement

Trayvon Martin
Black Lives Matter has been labeled as a new civil rights movement
They have taken inspiration from the 1960's civil rights movement
17 year old Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman
He was unarmed
He was walking through a majority white neighborhood
George Zimmerman acquitted of second degree murder
Alicia Garza started BLM in response to his death
1.3 million people signed for the arrest of George Zimmerman
The whole movement triggered the #BlackLivesMatter slogan
Bibliographic Citations
How Successful has the Black Lives Matter Movement Been?

This Black Lives Matter movement, starting from Trayvon Martin's death, has gained millions of followers world wide.
Black Lives Matter has gained 90K followers on twitter and over 100K likes on facebook since 2013
It has brought attention to injustices caused by the white people not seen because of
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71% of black victims killed by police were unarmed
More than 1000 people are killed every year from police
Last month police killed 100 people
Black Lives Matter is needed because of issues like these, and will help put a stop to them.

This is what started it all:
What BLM has accomplished
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