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Getting to know Meredith...

No description

Meredith Tolson

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Getting to know Meredith...

Getting to know Meredith...
Outside of work and school...

I sing with the Bayou City Women's Chorus
I love reading, gaming, and all sorts of nerdery (including cons and cosplay)
I draw, crochet, and enjoy crafts of many kinds.

My family
My name is Meredith Tolson. I am in the social education program. I will be graduating this summer, after which I plan to continue my education in the doctoral program at UH.
I just finished my 6th year teaching. I am currently working in HISD at Edison Middle School. I have taught a wide variety of things over the years. The last two years I have taught social studies. Next year I will be moving to 7th grade writing. Though I have never taught writing, I am up for a new challenge.
In the future...
I am interested in social justice and how those issues impact education. Though I don't know what I would like my specific research focus to be, I am somewhat sure it will be in this area.

I would like to ultimately work in an area promoting social justice in education, though I'm not sure in what capacity.
My partner and me dressed as Link and Navi from The Legends of Zelda video games.
Performing Cell Block Tango with the Bayou City Women's Chorus.
My partner Jennifer.
My sister and her family.
My parents
Me and Jenn with our "chosen family."
My niece, Amelia.
One of my favorite sketches.
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