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Stress in your life

No description

Thania Silva Galicia

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Stress in your life

Sources Of Change
Stress in Your Life
Graduating From college or High school involves thinking about and finding your first job and your career, but what is work?
Days with only a few stops for food and fuel,talk,relief,and sleep.
Work Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction
Industrial psychologists explore what factors contribute to job satisfaction. This research is important because low job satisfaction is associated with high rates of employee absenteeism and to lower productivity.
Five major sources of work satisfaction
Growing up involves gaining a sense of autonomy the ability to take care of oneself and independence.

Each a person learns to decisions , develop a value system , be a responsible. A self sufficient adult.

One of the first big steps loward this separation. This can be a personally liberating

How to does going to college stimulate change?

Close Relationships between individuals who lots each other to reexamine their basic assumptions Developmental friendship.
Some workers salaries ,pleasant working conditions and low pressure jobs,be a concerned
only with finding personal fulfillment at work

Financial reward
Relations with coworkers
Changing Careers
Some theorists predict that in the future,people will change that career a vocation in which a person works at least a few years times in their lifetimes.
Some employers have early retirement programs that allow people at a relatively young age to leave jobs with partial pay.
Comparable Worth

In theory, jobs of comparable training,skill,and importance should compensated at the same rate-this is comparable worth.
In practices,however,the market value of man jobs traditionally held by females a considerably lower than that of comparable jobs traditionally held.
Men have tended toward higher occupations.
Distribution of male and female Jobs by occupation
one of the reasons in difference in pay between the genders is that men in women are not evenly distributed among occupation

What is the occupation of most men? of most women?
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