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Simona Seghizzi PresConc

No description

Simona Seghizzi

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Simona Seghizzi PresConc

Learning Unit
Active Learning
Humanistic affective approach
Thank you
for your kind attention
Task-based Learning
Cooperative Learning
Discovery Learning
Learning by doing
MIT - Multiple Intelligences Theory
Flipped Classroom
Don't forget your school library!
5th Class Liceo Linguistico
Profile & Needs:
the class is made up of
24 students, 18 females and 6 males
aged 18/19.
2 students suffer from mild Dyslexia
The class is used to flipped learning and working in teams actively.
Lesson Length
1 lessons of 1h
1 lesson of 2h
: Sts at the end of their secondary school path, should comply with National Goals and demonstrate the acquisition of competences.
This extension is part of a project promoted by the school which aims at widening the Sts' knowledge of a specific theme (the city in Literature).
General Aims:
to develop the students' reading skill, to develop critical thinking and civic skills.
Specific Learning Objectives:
Reading for gist, reading for details, analysing literary works, comparing different texts.
to examine in depth the works of Charles Dickens, to widen Sts' knowledge about Victorian Age and the city of London. Expand literary vocabulary.
to understand and compare literary prose adapting style and speed of reading to different texts and tasks. To improve summarising, generating questions, clarifying and predicting.
Sts have already studied the cultural, historical and social background of Victorian Age. Sts have already studied the life and works of Charles Dickens and have analysed Oliver Twist in comparison with Huckleberry Finn in a theme-based unit on the Bildungsroman.
Timetable fit:
End of November
Interdisciplinary Links:
Co-teaching Extension project works with French (e.g. Zola) "
A tale of two cities: London and Paris
", and Italian Verga (Setting analysis and pessimism towards progress).

Know your students
Let's put it into practice!
Didactic strategies
A successful learning experience
Have fun!
The flipped classroom describes a reversal of traditional teaching where students gain first exposure to new material outside of class and then class time is used for problem-solving, discussion or debates.
Summative Assessment
individual & group work
group work
Clear outline of theme and strategies
presentation and setting of goals
activation of previous knowledge

stimulating activities
positive reinforcement
Flipped Learning opens up class time for student centered activities, inquiry and critical thinking.
#1. Students move at their own pace differentiated learning.

#2. Doing "homework" in class gives teachers better insight into the students' difficulties and learning styles, and guiding them in metacognitive activities learning to learn.

#3. Classroom time can be used more effectively and creatively to engage Sts in meaningful experiences!

#4. The teacher monitors, supports and motivates students while they are applying new knowledge Entrepreneurial competence

#5. From LOTS to HOTS critical thinking

#6. Face-to-face interaction social competence

#7.Digital accessibility & media production digital competence

#8. Interdisciplinary links cultural & aesthetic competence

#9. Exposure to an open, flexible, intercultural learning environment.
intercultural awareness and civic competences

#10. Teachers can customize and update the curriculum, and provide it to students 24/7, reducing school drop out and failure.
Prepares students for a future as global citizens. Allows them to meet students and teachers from around the world to experience their culture, language, ideas, and shared experiences.
1 to 1.5
Simona Seghizzi
Concorso Personale Docente 2016 - Lazio
Cdc AB24-AB25
Benefits of the Flipped Classroom
Have a nice day!
Join the Edmodo community!
Simona Seghizzi
SEN : umbrella term for students with
Special Educational Needs.

1. Disabilities (Law 104/1992)
2. SLD - Specific Learning Disorders
(Law 170/2010) - Dyslexia, Dysorthography, Dysgraphia,
3. Specific Developmental Disorders
4. Socio-economic, cultural or linguistic disadvantage

Territory & School Autonomy (1999)
TYPS - Three years program of study
8 European key competences for Lifelong learning (2006)
Competences 2007 - Cultural Axis/Goals for Active Citizenship
European Qualifications Framework (2008)
National Guidelines (High School MD 87-88-89/2010)
National Guidelines (Lower Secondary School 2012)
ECVP - Educational cultural and vocational profile

Lesson Plan:
Students are assigned to listen to 2 chunks of an mp3 audio talking about Dickensian places in London and do a cloze test on the script prepared by T.
Students will be provided with a visual map of the places mentioned in the audio.
The theme of the Guardian walk is the way in which Dickens saw the City of London change from being a place where people lived to one where people only worked, as it was gradually taken over by the banks, law firms and financial institutions.
Warm up: T shows pictures of the places to students eliciting information about the places, deriving both from their personal background and from the activity done at home.
Web quest (Lab or BYOD): the groups use internet to find info about 5 places mentioned and prepare a draft composition to present the hotspots, then create an interactive map of the route described in their handout and add a picture to each hotspot.
T divides Sts into 5 groups of 5 and gives them handout 1 & 2 > Sts read the text and fill in a form with missing information concerning the relationship between the place and Dickens' life and works.
individual & group work
Sts post their writings on Edmodo with the audio recording (max 2') so that they can be read and listened by all other students who are requested to add a comment.
Warm up: T elicits feedback from Sts on the virtual map and stimulates discussion on the following quotation.
T gives each of the 6 groups of Sts a different extract by Charles Dickens describing London, in the form of State Exam simulation (10 comprehension questions).
Ongoing Assessment
Sts will be given a Reading comprehension in the form of State Exam simulation and will have to write a composition on the topic.
Students will be assessed formally (task completion on Edmodo) and informally (behaviour, participation, digital skill)
“We Britons had at that time particularly settled that it was treasonable to doubt our having and our being the best of everything: otherwise, while I was scared by the immensity of London, I think I might have had some faint doubts whether it was not rather ugly, crooked, narrow, and dirty.”

"London in Charles Dickens's eyes"
Reading skill
Positive and Negative aspects
Rubric according to State Exam criteria
Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation. Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects
and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.
can read articles and reports concerned with contemporary problems in which the writers adopt particular attitudes or viewpoints. I can understand contemporary literary prose.
Task completion
Content Comprehension
Content Elaboration

Positive aspects
Negative aspects
The activities will foster cooperation in teams, improve their time management skill and will give the Sts the opportunity to focus on a specific theme.
Students will improve their awareness that disciplines are not separated entities but a different window on the same world.
In analyzing different literary works by the same author, Sts will be motivated to expand their views and ideas on a topic > LLL
Sts often find that the reading activity may become boring or perfect for distraction. Reciprocal teaching can keep students focused and improve individual and group responsibility.
Each group of Sts present their text's main ideas to the class and compare them. The class will create a mind map with positive and negative ideas about the London seen by Dickens.
Sts post their composition on Edmodo.
of the texts will be improved with the help of enlarged photocopies and the use of pictures and tables. Suitable font size (12 to 14) and font (Arial and Verdana).
Pairwork, peer learning, group processing
, will help the student complete the final task
Compensatory tools
: Computer for written task
Dispensatory measures
: student will not be asked to read aloud in class. Spelling mistakes will not be taken into account when the teacher marks his/her written assignments.
Sts may have problems wth vocabulary. Sts will use online dictionary to find word definitions and will be divided in mixed-ability groups.
No lab?
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