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Case 1 - GVP

No description

Louise Lange

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Case 1 - GVP

2000/01 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04 2004/05
Net income after tax
Group 7
David, Christina, Malene & Louise L.

Case 1 - GPV Group A/S
The decision
Focus on employer value
Core businesses
total solution concept
"Fit for future" strategy
GVP is showing great responsibility - acting fast and secure on market changes
Management Accounting

SWOT analysis
Decision making
Credit assessment
based on annual report 11/12
The questions
Based on exhibit 1 - ratios 00-05
Increased market transparency
Increased competition
Dependent on customer loyalty
GPV has produced key figures that underlines the propects of an profitable future
The questions
1) Would you as an investor in year 2005, invest in GPV Group A/S?
2) A) Prepare a credit assessment of the GPV Group A/S based on the most recent Annual Report.
B) Discuss relevant notes
The key figures
The key figures
By creating a new strategy, GVP is making the statement that they are willing to adapt to changes
Credit assessment
Net income 2,7 mill. dkk.
- due to increased efficiency in spite of financial crisis in Scandinavia
Solvency ratio 15,3 %
- a near bankruptcy has left GPV in dept.
Liquidity ratio 136,3 %
- GPV is still solvent
Profit margin 3,14 %
- shows that the expenses are reaching a concerning level
13,4 (16,5) (5,6) (0,6) 16,4
Total cash flow
1,7 (7,3) 5,1 (48,2) 11,8
683,5 676,5 720,9 900,8 938
Discontinued activities
Relevant notes to financial statement
Selling of Scandinavian divisions?
Cash flow from operating activities
An increase in cash suggests that the selling of division is very plausible
Working capital (inventories)
An increase in inventories shows decrease in orders and stocks from former divisions.
Balance between equity and dept
84,7 % is financed by foreign capital
ROI 5,8%
- shows that GPV does
have a high level of return
Forward-looking statement
Revenue expected to be 715 mill.
EBIT (operating profit) expected to 30 mill.
cash flow from operating activities expected to be 50 mill.
Annual statement
10/11 11/12
From GPV
-22 mill
66.5 mill
-38.4 mill
34.1 mill
740 mill.
66.5 mill.
23.3 mill.
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