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selective and limited influence theory- mass communication

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khulood aljaafri

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of selective and limited influence theory- mass communication

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com The Selective and
Limited Influence Theory Muna Al-Derham
Khulood Faiz Ahmed
Reem Al-Saadiq
Shayma Al-Tamimy THE MAGIC BULLET THEORY Choose your ideals and do not let media influence you without questioning Outline selective and limited influence theory •Introduction:
• Psychology and the discovery of individuality
• Sociology and the discovery of social factors.
•Two important events that supported the magic bullet theory
•The Magic Bullet Theory Replaced (foundations)
•The Accumulation of Minimal Effects Theory ( MBT compromise)
•Summary and Conclusion Mass-media has a direct, immediate, uniform and powerful influence on the masses because they are socially isolated. •Psychology and the discovery of individuality Individual uniqueness :
Predisposition and attitudes .
Learning and forgetting.
Psychological factors in audience behavior. the magic bullet theory got 1938: The Invasion from Mars: The study of audience responses.
1930-1940: Social Categories that shape Media attention.
Post WWII, 1941: Attention to news stories.
1941: Army film studies. video what is your favorite movie genre ? The Selective and limited influence theory The mass audience is selective in their attainment of mass media because of individuality and membership to many diverse subcultures. Because of the selectivity the media has limited influence Sociology : the discovery of social factors social diversity
patterns of interpersonal ties in social relationships that people have towards each other + their location with in a complex set of social categories are critical factors in explaining their behaviour in variety of settings
The Accumulation of Minimal effects Theory Widespread audience behavior and attitudes change because of the accumulation of media messages through a long period of time. summary and conclusion •The magic bullet theory's origins
•The magic bullet theory canceled because of sophistication of research
•The emergence of the selective and limited influences theory because of psychology and sociology
•The accumulation of the minimal effects theory Questions ? Dramatic Radio Play Series of Programs
To Raise Acceptance & Tolerance News Selection Army Films : Why ?? 16 million
1 million 1940 .. Presidential Election a. Instructional
b. Psychological AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963 1928 the first truly large scale in the influence of the mass communication
William H. Short had the funding from privet foundation called the Payne fund
In more than 3 years they had 13 studies that were published in 10 volumes
The result was that movies had strong influence on children Large Scale Result Begins AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963 The content of the movies in late 1920s were crime, violence, drinking habits .
The parents ,teachers, educators said that tis would affect the youth to come and put them to risk
After the rejection the Motion pictures were afraid the government will put regulations
They had to develop study but there were no funding! Why the Movies Seemed Powerful AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963 People were interested in the out come of the war
Propaganda messages were understandable Propaganda Remarkable Success AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963
To get the population make sacrifices and effort to this war
Messages to show the vicious enemy and the pure noble of their side The Need for Propaganda AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963 Why did they believe in in the media bullet theory ?
Assumptions about the isolation of the individuals in the new industrial society predicted a uniformity of action among human being
The media for propaganda purposes in world war I World War I Propaganda as an Influence on Media Theory AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963 The result canceled the magic bullet theory
The studies in the late 1930s showed that the MBT were replaced by the selective and imitated influence theory Controversial result AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963 After few years from war scientists saw the influence of movies to children
17 million children under 14 went to the cinemas on a weekly base in US Early Movie Research Seemed to Support the Magic Bullet Theory AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963 Citizens had to hate the enemy
Love their country

The messages were spread through The Need for Propaganda AlShaima Khalid AlTamimi 200901963 The entire nation had to be involved not only the soldiers World War I Propaganda as an Influence on Media Theory Discredited
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