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Cell Anatomy

No description

Daniel Turner

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Cell Anatomy

Animal Cell
Mitochondria take in certain substances and then use those substances to create energy for the rest of the cell.

These could be compared to a generator for a building because it gives power to a building in need.
The nucleus is what basically maps out all of the cells functions. It explains what needs to happen and when.

I could see a comparison between the nucleus and the human brain because they both perform a task that is sending messages to the organs/organelles to control their actions.

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
The smooth ER is used mainly to synthesize lipids, phospholipids, and steroids.
Another item that proves to do a process quite similar to what the smooth ER does would be a puzzle because it to takes many pieces and puts them together to create one whole.
Rough ER
The rough ER is basically what works as the packaging system that packages and sends out things needed to be delivered in the cell.

FedEx is like a rough ER because it to will package items and send them out for delivery just like a rough ER does.
The vacuole within a animal cell is quite smaller than the vacuole found within a plant cell but it is greater in numbers. It does contribute to the cell but in very subordinate ways.
The vacuole within an animal cell would be like a community because although most of the community doesn't hold high positions in office, they all vote to make a difference.
Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi Apparatus is used to take certain raw materials and combine them to form needed substances which are then sent to the Rough ER to be sent out.

A car assembly line is quite similar to the Golgi Apparatus because they are both used in the combination of certain parts to form a larger item.
Ribosomes can bind to RNA to then use it as a template for determining the correct sequence of amino acids needed for particular proteins which are then used for cell production .

These proteins are used for fuel within the cell just like a car needs gasoline to run.
Lysosomes are used to break down resources and use it as one of its many sources of energy.

Like lysosomes, cars use spark plugs to make extremely small explosions alongside the gasoline to convert that gasoline into fuel as the lysosomes break down resources to create fuel.
Centrioles are used in the process of creating spindle fibers to separate chromosomes during mitosis.

Centrioles are like straws because they both allow things to get from one end to another.
Cell Membrane
The Cell Membrane's job is to participate in selective permeability and only let in and out certain items.

A Cell membrane is like a strainer because like a cell membrane it too only allows certain things to pass through it while keeping other things inside.
Cytoplasm is a jelly-like fluid that helps give all the organelles support and also gives shape to the cell.
Cytoplasm is like the framework of almost any building because it helps give the roof and walls support and brings shape to the building like the cytoplasm gives shape to the cell and support to organelles.
DNA (Chromatin)
The major function of DNA is to encode the sequence of amino acid residues in proteins, using the genetic code.

DNA is like the mayor of a city because as the mayor gives directives to anything that happens within his or her town like how the DNA gives direction to anything happening in the cell.
A certain appendage like protrusion form the cell body that provides aid in locomotion.

Flagellum is like the wheels of a car because they to provide movement for the car as does the flagellum for the cell.

Nuclear Envelope
The nuclear envelope is a double membrane wall around the nucleus used to regulate what macromolecules leave and stay inside the nucleus.

The nuclear envelope is like the secret service because they choose who goes in to see the president and who does not.
Plant Cell
The cytoskeleton is a series of intercellular proteins that help with shape, support, and the overall movement of the cell.

The cytoskeleton is like the frame of a dirt bike because it helps give the dirt bike its shape, strength, and it helps with movement because with no frame the dirt bike would have no connection between any of the crucial parts neccasary for movement.
Chloroplast are organelles found within plant cells that participate in the process known as photosynthesis or the production of cells which absorb sunlight to produce sugars which will be used as fuel.

Chloroplasts are like dirt bikes that need gasoline to be able to run like how chloroplasts need sunlight to produce sugars.
Cell Wall
The cell wall is composed of a few layers but one main layer that provides structural support and protection.

A cell wall is like the body of a car because it is also protects its inner compartment and gives the actual structure of the car more strength.
My Project
The Cilia are fine, hairlike protrusions that are incredibly great in number. They provide the cell with movement from point A to point B.

The motor of a boat helps provide movement through water for the boat as the Cilia provides movement to the cell
through the organism.
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