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Vincent Nguyen

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Brotherhood of the Snake
By Vincent Nguyen
The Draconian aliens came to Earth around 6000 years ago searching for resources..But they didn't want to do the labor in finding these materials.
Humans were then created as hybrids between Earth's and the Aliens' DNA whose main objective was to be a slave race.
Enki, one of the aliens, did not like this and wanted to tell the humans all about how humans were made and where their soul goes when they die.
The alien elders however, did not like this, approached Enki to prevent chaos among the slaves. In the end Enki created The Brotherhood of the Snake and told the humans anyway.
Humans then revolted against their masters but were overpowered. Because of this, Enki and his followers were banished to Earth for eternity.
One of the Secret societies of the world where non-members are excluded from all communication.
There are clues of where the Brotherhood of the snake has been here since time began.
Yogi Prassad
Behind the masonic lodges hides the same "Brotherhood of the Snake," or Cult of Aton, that created Christianity (and its many denominations), that established the Vatican, and set its many popes, bishops, and priests in place. This same organization established the Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and Knights Templar that, in reach, control the world's myriad secret societies, fraternities, and charities. Let us not doubt why it is that Per me reges regnant ("through me kings reign") is a chief masonic motto. Let us not doubt what historical person masons have enthroned at the top of their Egyptian pyramid.

— Michael Tsarion; The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2
Secret Society activities are unknown.
The "balloon boy" incident
Inaccurate and inconsistent information about Enki and the alien race.
Humans are at the top of the intellectual world today
My Opinion
The Brotherhood of the Snake isn't real. There is no actual proof that they're out there. If Aliens did come to earth and creed the human race, there would be some sort of proof.
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