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"Visiting Places with Local Faces"

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Joseph Newbury

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of "Visiting Places with Local Faces"

"Visiting Places with Local Faces"

Community Tourism Ambassadors in
Valleys Regional Park

Joseph Newbury
South Wales Valleys
Rich in natural resources
Wales world's first industrial nation!
Landscape affected by heavy industry
Strong, close communities
Blaenrhondda, 1947 - remember this picture!
Decline of industry in 20th century
Need for regeneration
Create jobs
Restore affected landscape
Valleys Regional Park
Valleys Regional Park
“Valleys Regional Park will achieve recognition of the Valleys as a unique area with a high-quality environment, great variety of landscapes and biodiversity, a rich cultural heritage and one which offers wide-ranging opportunities for all kinds of outdoor recreation”

Area: 200,000 hectares/570 sq. miles
1 million live within it (> 30% of Welsh population)
Project Area
Over 40 Partners
What is Community Tourism?
What does it look like in
Valleys Regional Park?
Grows from the community
Includes communities in local tourist offer
Consulting and empowering local citizens
Bring economic and social benefits
Protecting heritage
Presenting it as part of the tourism offer
Myths and stories add to the visitor experience
Protection of the natural environment
Using natural assets as part of the tourist offer
Health benefits
Offer a unique, local warm Welsh welcome
Adding personality to the place
“There are no better advocates for a destination than its communities…”
Jan, one of the Valleys Ambassadors, with
fellow Ambassadors in The Winding House in New Tredegar
Ambassadors from Pontardawe

Ambassadors include: Local volunteers, businesses, teachers, Taxi drivers, Tour Guides, Students, Visitor Attraction staff, Park wardens and rangers, Pub/bar staff, Male Voice Choirs
Why provide training?
Improve job prospects
Customer service skills
Boost confidence
Better knowledge in promoting their community to visitors
Links together locations in Valleys Regional Park
Form local action groups
Courses to specialise in certain subjects -
Outdoor activities
Community Audit
Promotes pride
New tourism product or adds to existing product
Information shared by community
Provides link between private, public and voluntary sectors
Ambassadors from Betws
Additional Training
How has the training helped?
Destination Management
Digital Ambassadors
How to contact Ambassadors
The Valleys Website
Present Day

From Green to Black to Green again!
(That is Welsh for Hello!)
Over the three years delivery partners and artists increased participation in the sites by children and young people by using the arts to explore new ways to engage local communities with their monuments.
26,000 children and young people were involved in the project. They visited the monuments and learnt about the history of the sites and in years 1 & 2 of the project small-scale events were held to try out different ideas.
By the third year the young people and their communities were ready to rise to the considerable challenge of presenting their performances and artistic installations in the large heritage sites as part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrations.
Cauldrons & Furnaces

Cauldrons & Furnaces

Community Heritage and Arts Project

Cadw, Welsh Government
The Cauldrons & Furnaces project took place in 8 ancient monuments across Wales and reached 5 Communities First areas.
184 artists were employed to create the arts and interpretation activities and events over the three years of the project. The project engaged an enormous number of young people, their teachers, youth workers and parents.
26,000 young people were involved in the project including through artist-led workshops and performances. 61 young people were from ‘hard to reach communities’ and 28 young people had disabilities.
1,379 young people performed at the Cauldrons & Furnaces events at Cadw sites in 2012.
226 volunteers were involved and carried out the following tasks, stewarding, looking after children and stage management.

Despite many of the events being affected by the extremely bad weather they exceeded the projected audience target of 12,000 visitors with a total audience figure of 15,738 visitors who attended the performances and exhibitions.
Cauldrons & Furnaces
An ambitious project delivered through a partnership between dedicated professionals from the arts and heritage sector in Wales, the UK and Ireland.
The project engaged 184 artists and involved 26,000 young people in community arts projects and they created 65 art installations and 17 live performances.
The work interpreted the history and stories of eight heritage sites in new and inspiring ways and both informed and delighted an audience of 15,738 people – well in excess of the audience target of 12,000.
Cauldrons and Furnaces
Legacy from Community Projects

As part of Cadw's Cauldrons & Furnaces project in St Davids, Pilgrimage 2012 storyteller and guide Andrew Dugmore recreated this ambitious trek across the South Wales. In partnership with The Ramblers Association the trail is now available on line as a legacy from the project, for visitors, to walk, from Llanthony Priory, passing ancient sites, holy wells and Cadw castles to St Davids and the Bishop’s Palace.
Cauldrons & Furnaces
The project achieved its vision aims and objectives. Significant successes were achieved in the following areas:
Young people and local communities engaged with their monuments. Teachers, youth workers and delivery partners working with the young people noticed that the project had helped them see the monuments differently.
Artists and arts organisations were able to develop new work, raise their profiles and demonstrate their skills to new audiences. Many benefitted from an increase in their income and new opportunities for professional development
Local authority community arts services have confidence in working at their local heritage site. They have been inspired by the sites
Cauldrons & Furnaces
The Cauldrons & Furnaces project was designed by Cadw to respond creatively to the Welsh historic environment.
It engaged artists and local communities with the intrinsic qualities and stories of our heritage sites and found new ways of relating people to places and to the special identity of their localities.
Cauldrons & Furnaces
How well we have achieved our aims and objectives?

The aims and objectives for Cauldrons & Furnaces were designed to align with the aims and objectives of Cadw’s strategic development priorities, and this determined the sites chosen as part of the project.

Flint and Denbigh Castles were chosen to address some of the social deprivation in the local communities and communities first area.

In Caernarfon and Harlech, the priority was to create a project that would bring more local people into the castles, to encourage them to see the castles as a resource for their community.
Cauldrons & Furnaces
WECAN WP4 - Environmental Guardians
Dark Sky Discovery Festival 2011
Gwyl Canfod Awyr Dywyll 2011
WECAN WP4 - Discovery Festivals
Help create community tourism opportunities
WECAN - aims
How do we harness and maximise the economic and social potential of the natural environment to create vibrant, sustainable communities?
Alternative financing:
Innovative alliances between the private, public and community sectors to support local natural heritage initiatives (WP2/WP4)
Visitor payback schemes – what are the motivating influences? (WP3)
How can we effectively engage communities with the natural heritage to increase skills and employment prospects? (WP4)
Four (4) Work Packages
Assess the economic potential of the natural environment
Improve corporate engagement and involvement
Visitor Payback: evaluate and implement
Community Engagement and Enterprise (VRP lead)
€4.13M (2010-2014)
Working together for
Communities through
Assets of
Natural heritage
WECAN WP2 - Blue Green Gym
NEW outdoor commercial product

Co-designed by Private and Third Sector

Unique selling points:

Based on research re: ‘memorable outdoor experience’
Link business needs to a community-based environmental project
Business learning linked to Wales’ industrial heritage

BGG video: http://bit.ly/UawFkf

Next step: Develop commercial operation
Valleys Regional Park
WECAN Partners
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