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Creative Team Project - Group L

Our pitch for our Creative Team Project assignment.

Mike Struthers

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Creative Team Project - Group L

intro *working on it - Szymon

roles *working on it - Szymon
our project
story breakdown


expected problems *working on it - Szymon

Mike's Section
Craig's Section

Jake's Section

Szymon's Section
notes from today:

to be able to trace the, upload finished video to vimeo and youtube to try and get feedback. Maybe even create an online survey to track feedback.

for tracking the project in terms of milestones, we could measure the main steps from a production process like pre production, production and post production.

pre production
script development
arranging location
modelling/vfx tests
filming dates
release forms
shooting schedule
post production
modelling - asset creation
editing of project
Final output
Feedback section
From comments gathered from vimeo and surveys.

Craig - StoryBoarding,Video Operator, Nuke Composition, Affter Effects

Jake - Modelling /Texturing in 3DsMax and Cinema 4D

Mike - Nuke Compositing and Adobe Premiere Video Edition

Szymon- 3D Modelling/Texturing in Maya and Cinema 4D

Intro :

The aim of our Creative Team Project is to Produce a narrative driven VFX(With strong emphasis on placing 3D objects into live action footage) piece which will allow us to develop skill set and workflows in our own desired fields, which can consist of tasks such as : Composting,Animation,3D Modeling ,3D texture mapping (UVs), 3D rendering, Tracking, Keying, Rotoscoping,

Each one of us already has some knowledge in working with teams from previous college work, the project will allow us to embrace previous experiences and improve them even further.

Points Covered
Our project and aims
To create a narrative driven VFX short film to be published on Vimeo and Youtube.
To track the success of the video through comments and a survey.
A solid team VFX portfolio piece.
Project Overview
Post Production
filming dates
release forms (actors)
collecting footage
editing project
3D model examples
Story Outline
Expected Problems
any questions?
The short film is based round the main character, a Gamer, and his flatmate. The flatmate is tired of him constantly playing videogames on the computer. So takes the plug out of the Pc. Once the flatmate has left the Gamer tries to put the plug back in, but in doing so gets an electric shock. He wakes up dazed, having developed 'powers', the ability to turn Objects into 8 bit. He decides to get his own back on his flat mate.
Animatic- For Rough Timing
Expected Problems :

Finding The right Software fo creation of Voxel(8bit) art.
Working with 3D dynamics .
Implementing assets into live footage.
Acquring the reqired equipment to record the footage : Video Camera, Studio Lights.
Adjustment of the studio light in the recording room for Desired effects.
Acquiring Actors for the recording.
Finding Location for The recording.

Maya 2014 - To model and texture the 3D assets.

3ds Max 2014 - To take the 3D assets and then apply a modifier from a third party plug-in.

Cinema 4D - This software might be used to enhance our 3D assets into the conversion of voxel art.

Ray fire - Is the third party plug-in we will be using to covert the 3D assets into voxel art.

NukeX 8.0v1 - Will be the compositing software used to bring in our 'real life' footage and the 3D assets.

Adobe CC - Final touches to add to the completed VFX shots, such as linear video editing, colour correction, texturing etc.
Camera - Canon 550D

Microphone - H1N1 portable microphone.

31st January
- To come to a conclusion of what we are going to do for the project.

2nd February
- Everyone met to discuss everyones role with in the team project.

14th February
- Storyboard drawn out to illustrate the sequence of events throughout the video.

18th February
- Presentation completion and discussion on the final prezi document and mock run.

16th March
- Filming production to be started and completed by the 17th.

24th March
- VFX Post-Production to begin and completed by 5th of April.

6th April
- Final video to be rendered out and upload to social networking websites, such as Vimeo and YouTube.
Over the course of this project, we have accounted for the following three problems:
1. Arranging actors for the production.
2. Location of the production.
3. Technical difficulties with new software.
To sum up:
One minute short film with the application of current VFX and 3D integration techniques.
Upload the finished product to social networking websites to promote the video.
Review the video and set up an online survey to track our progress with the project.
Produce a full production folder complete with release forms, risk assessments etc.

Craig - Storyboarding,Video Operator, Nuke Composition, After Effects

Jake - Modelling /Texturing in 3DsMax and Cinema 4D

Mike - Nuke Compositing and Adobe Premiere Video Edition

Szymon- 3D Modelling/Texturing in Maya and Cinema 4D
Story Breakdown
Technical solutions
Expected problems
1. We have contacted, students within the Napier 'Acting For Stage And Screen' course.
2. Location of the production to be filmed at Mike's flat, as there will no problems with permissions to film
3. Although we are learning new software, the fundamentals of compositing, 3D modelling are the same.

Target Audience
Students in a similar area of study (for critique).
Leaning towards males between ages 20 to 35.
Gaming audience such as 'Minecraft' players.
Full transcript