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Copy of Run-On Sentences

Identifying and correcting run-on sentences

Meredith Lange

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Run-On Sentences

I didn't go for my jog today I had far too much to do.
This sentence is composed of two
independent clauses
, which means they each contain a subject and verb and express a complete thought.
How can you fix a run on sentence?
(Question 2)

You can fix a run-on sentence by
creating simple, compound, and complex
sentences instead.

Let's briefly review these sentence types.
A run-on sentence occurs when two or more clauses have been joined incorrectly.

One way to fix a run-on sentence is to separate the clauses into two
simple sentences.

Example: I didn't go for my jog today. I had far too much to do.

You can also correct a run-on sentence by creating a

compound sentence

using a

comma and a
coordinating conjunction

(for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) .
Example: I didn't go for my jog today
, for
I had far too much to do.
You can also create a

complex sentence

by adding a

subordinating conjunction
(while, because. although, if, because, since)
I did not go for my jog today
I had far too much to do.
I had far too much to do
I did not go
for my jog today.
When you write with run-on sentences, it affects the flow of your words and causes the reader to read non-stop without taking a breath. The result looks and sounds a lot like this video clip.
Let's review independent and dependent clauses.
We have already studied clauses, so this is just a review!!
Let's practice correcting run-on sentences.
My new running shoes are amazing I cut two minutes off of my 5K time.
Shannon and Maria are very competitive, they are friendly adversaries.
Shannon runs barefoot, I don't know how he does it!
Running is my passion it allows me to
exercise, listen to music, and think through my problems.

Another way to create a compound sentence is by using a
to connect two independent clauses.

I didn't go on my jog today
I had far too much to do.
Not everyone has the time to run regularly but everyone can jog in place for at least ten minutes a day.
What is a run- on sentence?
Question 1
Take a look at these clauses:
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