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Ben Alderfer

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Utopia

Ben Alderfer, Gordon Blaxall, Phil Gunderson, Kevin Fair, Kim Sulahian, Maya Hayden
The Ideal World
A democracy that represents the will and welfare of the people with leaders who want to better their citizens over themselves.
Assign everyone the job that they are best at and can tolerate
A laissez faire approach to the economy while not allowing unemployment and poverty to occur
A society that clearly defines right from wrong and provides justice for all
Provides simple health care and puts the unhealthy people first
Help other countries without being too overbearing
1 Steward for every 30 households
1 Bencheater for every 10 Stewards
Bencheaters in a committee with the chief executive
Cannot discuss politics outside
Cannot vote on something the same day it is proposed
Political candidates can't campaign, if they do they are banned
Everyone farms
6 hour workday
Specialized labor
Follow parent's work
Change parents with work
Workers train each other
Can master multiple jobs
Monetary Policy
There is no currency
The Government hands out everything the people need
Do not value gold/silver
Destroy the appeal of precious metals
Only use money to buy mercenaries
Value useful things like Iron
United States
of America
Health Care
Patients are not given priority
Quality varies
Health insurance varies
Free to choose anything
Many choices
Longer workdays
Job inequality
Less organized
Monetary Policy
There is currency
The American Dream
Three Social Classes
Law and Courts
A Judge
A Jury
And many lawyers
Tons of laws
Law and Courts
Various degrees in punishment
Crime usually resulted in an amount of time in slavery
Could be set free after time
Publicly identified/shamed by wearing gold
Could face death penalty if severe enough
Health Care
Excellent health care
Free to all Utopians
Not abused
People like hospitals
Best food goes to patients
Nurseries available to mothers
Patients would rather be at hospital than at home
Hospitals are the size of a small town
Foreign Policy and Trade
Gold is used for bribing foreign countries
Avoid war if they can
Hire mercenaries to fight for them
If they disagree with another country around them they simply take-over them
Foreign Policy and Trade
Gets involved in everything
Almost like a moral obligation
Foreign policy changes from president to president
Anti communist
Large importer

"Well, there's one job they all do, irrespective of sex, and that's farming... Besides farming which, as I say, is everyone's job, each person is taught a special trade of their own." (55)
"These new recruits are then taught farming by the ones who've had a year on the land already, and so know more about the job. Twelve months later the trainees become the instructors" (51)
Everyone works
Shorter workday
Less social resentment
Labor is organized
Stable jobs
Less freedom in choice
Cannot get ahead
Must change families with job
Everyone must farm
Forced to work together
Cannot discuss politics outside
prevents conspiracies/dictators
Prevents hasty decisions
Stewards are representing specific households so they are held accountable
No career politicians
discussing politics is punishable by death
People can only elect Stewards
Rapid population growth could throw off the ratio of Stewards
Not as feasible for very large cities/populations
Both countries can get what they want
Are not afraid to spend money
Take over enemies
Do not risk their citizens
Trade becomes difficult because of a difference in the economic system
Isolated from the world
Slower technological development
Only possible if everyone is honest

Low Crime rates
Society encourages "right" behavior
Punishments work
Better the community by community service
Few types of punishment
Punishment may not always fit the crime
Everyone can get help when they need it
No one abuses health care
No one is afraid to seek medical help
Low cost to the Utopians
Utopians might make themselves sick to get themselves better treatment
Society more worried about those who are ill and will not contribute than keeping the population healthy
Encourages dependency
No Poverty
Everyone is Employed
Little Crime
No Taxes
Stable economy
Too Much Equality
Government Controlled Economy
Group Driven
Most officials are chosen by the people
Elections every couple years
Larger scale
More federal oversight /centralization
Susceptible to corruption
Campaigns often influenced by monetary donations from corporations
Skewed, less representation of minority groups
Leaders don't report back to voters
Lifelong/career politicians are out of touch, become bureaucratic
Freedom of choice
Diverse opportunities
Welfare abuse
Not enough workers
Less efficient
"Self-Made" Man
American Dream
Right to Succeed
Self Driven
Free Market
"I Built That!"
Too much Government Assistance
The United States of America's Constitution
The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendments
4th: Warrants
5th: Court Rights
6th: Right to speedy and public trial
7th: Trial by Jury
8th: No excessive Bail
Juries can be biased
Juries can be irrational
Punishment doesn't always work
Countless jails
High jail population
Sick are not first priority, so healthy strive
Guaranteed in cases of Medicare and Medicaid
Some people not covered by insurance
13.4% without health insurance in 2013 (Census)
Doctors can take advantage of patients for money
Ability to adapt to lots of different situations as they come up
Very involved with the world's affairs
Has the strongest and most involved military in the world
Angers other countries
Feels an obligation to step into world affairs
Large military budget
Import more than export
"Each town sends three of its older more experienced members to the annual meeting at the capital, Aircastle" p. 50
"54 towns all with the same language, law, and customs"
"The mayor has to be one of 4 candidates... and remains in office for life... Bencheaters are elected annually, but they're not normally changed" p. 54
"For they think it unfair to deprive other people of anything that's useful to them if one doesn't need it oneself" (66)
""I say mother just look at that great baby! Fancy wearing jewelry at his age!"..."Sh, dear! I imagine he must be a clown attached to the embassy."" (69)
""By the way, the slaves I've occasionally referred to are... Utopian Convicts"" (82)
""The idea is that it's all the more deplorable if a person who has had the advantage of a first rate education and a thoroughly moral upbringing still insists on becoming a criminal- so the punishment should be all the more severe."" (82)
"...nobody's forced to go there, practically everyone would rather be ill in hospital than at home." (62)
"...hospital patients get first priority - oh yes, there are four hospitals in the suburbs, just outside th walls. Each of them is about the size of a small town." (61)
"Fighting is a thing they loathe. They say it's quite a subhuman activity, although humans are more addicted to it than any of the lower animals." (90)
"This system of making take-over bids for the enemy is generally considered mean and cruel, but Utopians are very proud of it... dispose of major wars like this without fighting a single battle..." (92)
Written constitution
3 branches of government
2 main parties
Popular elections and voting
Elections every couple years
Partial participation
435 Representatives, 100 Senator
Local / county / state /federal / president

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."- Thomas Jefferson
"I am an American; Free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit"- Theodore Roosevelt
Below Poverty Line 14.5% (Huffington Post)
5.9% Unemployment (Nick Kalams)
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