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Close Reading Coding Method Chestnut Cove

No description

Marci Vining

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Close Reading Coding Method Chestnut Cove

Yup... It's a Watermelon
Vitamin A
I can think about what I am reading to remember what I am reading.
I can self-monitor when I am reading.
Read an on-grade level text

Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text

Identify the main idea and give details to support the main idea

Determine the meaning of new words

Present details to demonstrate understanding of cause and effect
You will use the "Coding Method" to self-monitor your informational text.
Objectives of the Lesson
The Coding Method
Think to
Is this new information for me?

Is this information I already knew?

What do I not understand about this information? or What are my questions?

Wow, this is really cool stuff!
Here are the codes:
This is new information.
I already know this information.
I wonder...or I don't understand.
Let's Practice
Model First
Guided Practice:
You Help Me
Partner Practice
Independent Practice
What do you think the author's purpose is for
writing this selection?

What clues help you to know?
Why is the honeybee so
important in growing a watermelon?
How long does it take to grow a watermelon
from seed to harvest?
Read with someone close to you.
The author says that, "the rind of the watermelon is not as tough as it looks?" How does this relate to harvesting a watermelon?

Should you pick a watermelon if it does not have a "yellow belly?" Use evidence from the text to prove your answer.
Read and self-monitor on your own.
How does the author structure "Pick a Good Watermelon?"
Compare/Contrast, Problem/Solution, or Time/Order

Explain whether the text structure used by author is the best way to present the information.
Closing Activity
Synthesize Sticky Notes: Remember the Main Idea
Essential Questions
How did self-monitoring help you today?
How might you use this practice when you are by yourself and reading an unfamiliar text?
What do you need to work on to improve your self-monitoring?
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