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Macquaries HUB Story

Our story at the hub so far!!

Tony Papa-Adams

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Macquaries HUB Story

In the begining... It all started with a SPLASH!! A thrilling jet boat ride around Sydney's picturesque harbor, symbolized the journey that the 18 of us were about to embark on. With twists and turns and moments of exhilaration, the jet boat ride wasn’t to far off the time we have all had so far (minus the wet clothes!!) The First Day! Not to dissimilar from the first day at a new school, eighteen fresh faced csp’s walked into Macquarie Telecom,with their lunchboxes packed, bright, ready and rearing for the first bell!

Eagerly waiting for them the dynamic duo of Gian Giacamo Presaturo and Mary (fish & chips) Heatherington.

This was it, from this moment all it would be all hands on deck to get these eighteen brave heros, ready for GOLive April 6th 2010
Tony 1st day BONDING!! BRT!!!! DUM DUM DAHH business readyness training GO LIVE!!! first day!
plus first call PAS GIFTS Calls So Far!! THE HUB SO FAR!!!!
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