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Miami, Florida

No description

katherine steinmetz

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of Miami, Florida

Miami is located on the Atlantic
coast in the southeast part of Florida.
Miami is the most populated city in Florida
with a population about 384,000 people today. Miami is a big city with “Port of Miami” “Miami Beach” and “South Beach” all located in the same area. Port of Miami is the biggest cruise industry and headquarters in the world. They can hold the most cruises and have the most cruises come and go in the port. The port is sometimes referred to “Cruise Capital of the World” Overview Florida is known for its famous beaches, environment, attractions, and nightlife. Current Demographics
•Middle aged individuals looking for careers
•Individuals looking to enter the multiple branches of the entertainment industry
•Cruise line passengers
•Young Spring Breakers/vacationers
-Ranging from Midwest to nearby southern states in between
•Sports fans Marketing Profile Future Demographics
•Spring Breakers from Northern most states of U.S.
•Older individuals looking for “a break from it all”
•Honeymooners Advanced Destination Management Group Crime Miami has had an escalated crime rate for the past decade due to gangs, the economy, and most of all, drugs. Crime with the highest occurrence is robbery. Miami’s violent crime rate includes murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny or theft, car theft, and arson. Crime Stoppers is a community action program that gives citizens the opportunity to become involved in the fight against crime in Miami-Dade County and make our community a better place to live, work and go to school. Crime Stoppers is comprised of three segments (the community, law enforcement and the media) working as partners towards one goal - reducing crime. Target Audiences Younger Partying Audience Family Oriented Audience We are combining all of these into one major asset because they intertwine with each other. During the winter months it draws in the “snow bird” “(older people from the North). During the spring months it draws in the thousands of spring breakers and those looking for the party scene. During the summer it draws in more of a family oriented audience as well as those individuals looking for palm trees destinations. •The Beach
-South Beach
an Oceanside historic Art Deco district with a be-seen beach scene and boisterous nightlife

-Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

•The Nightlife
-Targeted audience geared towards the younger generation.
-Frequent celebrity sightings
-The exotic, international flair of the city shines brightest after hours, when models, rock stars and A-listers mingle with trendy locals in the clubs •The sports
-Florida Marlins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, and also all of the Miami University sports
-FedEx Orange Bowl each year, which draws in millions of dollars for the city each year Unique Attractions
-Miami Seaquarium, Monkey Jungle, Parrot Jungle & Gardens, Dolphin World, and Everglades tours that give families and adventure-seekers a fix of all things unique to South Florida.

Art World
-Museum of Contemporary Art, the Miami Art Museum, the Coconut Grove Playhouse and the Miami Symphony Orchestra.
-The art fairs, however, have been garnering the most media attention lately, with the critically acclaimed Art Basel Miami Beach now a mainstay on the circuit. Cont. Attracting a New Demographic “Mature Beaches” "Northern, Eastern, and Western states" “Many times what you see of Miami is what you get: FUN!” "Honeymooners" Sustainable Objectives Combining the fantastic beaches, the gorgeous weather and the infamous nightlife offered, Miami could easily have a monopoly in the tourism industry. Miami’s current marketing strategy has brought much success to the city so unless needed, we have no plans to change, just add to the current strategy. To remain at its current peak of success, the city of Miami must keep up with new trends and constantly appeal to the wants and needs of its visitors. Committee of Community Stakeholders to Review Request Advanced Destination Management Group would suggest these individuals join in the review and rejuvenation process of recreating Miami. We chose these individuals based on involvement in the city’s past, current, and future developments. Miami’s Place in Butler’s Model Miami, stagnation stage of the Butler’s Model, is home to many entertainment venues and events, museums, fashion centers, best nightlife, and sports entertainment making the city the best place to visit. A major sport event that just brought millions of dollars to Miami was the NFL Super Bowl, Colts vs. Saints. The Super Bowl has helped the economy in Miami and has brought a lot of business to the area, making the area more and more popular to visit every year.
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