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No description

Kristien Willems

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Portfolio

portfolio journey
personalia and education

Kristien Willems
Schoolstraat 35
2830 Willebroek Belgium

Living toghether-one child


Interior architecture

Henry Van de Velde Institute, Antwerp
Graduated with distinction


Monseigneur Sheppers Institute,

interior architect projects
inspiration and passion

Visual merchandiser
District visual merchandiser Flandres
03/1997- 09/1999

PR responsible
Responsible for all press contacts, H&M pressroom, press releases, events.

Visual manager Belgium-Luxemburg
Responsible for instore and window execution in 65 stores, key interface between HQ Sweden and HQ Belgium, management of 120 visual merchandisers

Visual manager Belgium-Netherlands
Create the visual branding.
Design and produce window set-up and instore material.
Develop all VM standards.
Design look of wholesale showrooms.

Retail manager Belgium-Netherlands
Develop and implement buying process: define assortment for own stores.
Final responsibility for own stores: storelook, windows, budget, staffing, commercial activities.
Andres NV is a high-end Belgian wholesalebrand, with own flagshipstores in Antwerp, Brussels,Gent,Knokke.
The company owns 3 brands: Xandres, X-line and Hampton Bays.
Visual manager Belgium-Luxemburg
Responsible of 4 departments:
Window department
Visual merchandising department
Visual concept department
Visual communication
Total of 28 people + 26 windowdressers

Test set-up in Mock-up store
Selection and styling of collection
Create windowguidelines
Train and recruit external windowdressers
Visual merchandising department
Test set-up in mock-up store
Create guidelines
Train storeteams and storemanagers
Visual communication
Visual concept team
Creating brand identity in off line stores through:
storeconcept (external and internal creation)
3D windowconcept
Graphic identity
Instore identity
Instore identity
Graphic identity
Anne Dokter Storyteller
Sanaa Architects
Anton Garcia Abril Architect
Scandinavic design
garden bench
home office
JBC is a Belgian retailer, 3rd on the market with 141 family stores stores(750m2) in Belgium and Luxemburg and 2 kidsstores in Germany.
Concept wholesale showrooms
Concept retail windows-collection-styling
more moodboards on Pinterest: kristien willems
thoughts that keep me going
Window concept
All communication from the visual department to the stores via visual magazines, visual guidebook, styling guidelines and weekly info's.
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