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How the Earth was made

The Birth of a planet to the creation of life.

Kalani Itliong

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of How the Earth was made

A Geological Mystery
The Birth of a Planet to the creation of Life
How the Earth Was Made
Geologists didn't know the actual age of the Earth.

They tried to figure out Earth's age by looking at rocks.
Since the rocks are not old enough to tell the Earth's age, they looked at something else.
A Theory
Geologists theorized that the sun was surrounded by a cloud of dust. As the cloud cooled, litte grains of minerals formed. As these clouds circled around the sun, the minerals started to bump into each other.
Scientists criticized the theory because how can small grains of minerals create a planet.
Layers of the Earth
As meteorites bombarded Earth's surface, they deposited radioactive material which caused the meteorites to heat up and melt.
The gravitational pull of the Earth pulled the more dense rocks towards the center to create the core while the less dense rocks rosed to become the crust of the Earth.
The Creation of The Moon
In 1998, evidence that water appeared on Earth was caused by meteorites.
Within in the meteorite, the meteorite contains salt crystals. In the salt crystals, there are small microscopic drops water trapped within in the salt crystal.
4.28 billion years ago, water was present. So, that means water existed in space when the Earth was made.
Creation of Life
Meteorites contained amino acids. Life could not be sustained without amino acids.
Building blocks of life came from space.
Continuation of The Creation of Life
Primitive life forms formed 3.5 billion years ago
Stromatolites were created by Cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria produced oxygen. Able to take sunlight and water to produce oxygen.
Early life were not used to the oxygen because 3.5 billion years ago, they breathed sulfur. Cyanobacteria changed all life on Earth and created the atmosphere.
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1. How old is the Earth?
2. What are the oldest rocks on Earth?
3. What was the theory geologist came up with?
5. What is the name of the planet that collided with Earth?
6. How was the moon formed?
4. How did the layers of the Earth formed?
7. How long was water present on Earth?
8. How did water came to Earth?
9. What did the meteorites contained other than water?
10. When did primitive life formed?
11. What is the name of the primitive life form that was shown in the prezi?
12. How did the stromatolites formed?
Video On The Theory
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