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World Trade Day

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on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of World Trade Day

World Trade Day:
Switzerland Economy One of the most stable in the world 0% inflation rate SWISS ARMY KNIFE What Are WeTrading? How is it Made? Switzerland lacks raw materials, it has to rely on intelligence and so most work is in the tertiary industry. Switzerland has some of the most advanced technology in the world, as well as drugs, food, tools, and strong brands. It was first invented inIbach, Schwyz, in 1897. These tools are stored inside the handle of the knife through a pivot point mechanism. Swatch First made in the 1980s, under the leadership of Ernst Thomke along with a team of watch engineers. The swiss army knife is made up of many different kinds of tools combined to achieve specific needs or everyday uses. These are some of the most common tools, as well as some of the newer ones. How will it best be transported? In what quantity will it be sold? What time of year is it available? Why should you trade with us? Toothpicks Scissors Detachable USB drive Blade Tweezers Corkscrew 1. By train in the northern and southern elps of Switzerland to France.

2. Then the knives would be transferred either by train or truck to France's Atlantic coastline. 3. From there, it will be shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada, then put on another
truck to go to your neighborhood store. GDP per capita: $40,100 HDI: 0.955 Ranked 7th in the world GNP: $406 billion GDP: $262 billion GNP per capita: $66,926 Consumption Honey = 1.5 Kg (2)
- Pastas = 9 Kg (3)
- Wine = 50 l (3)
- Butter = 6 Kg (4)
- Chocolate (5)
- Coffee (7)
- Meat = 90 Kg (9)
- Cheese 16 Kg (11)
Main Natural Resources -Barley
- Potatoes
- Wheat
- Ox
- Pigs
- timber
Other Natural Resources and Products -Chocolate
-Wine Services -Banking
-Tourism http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/pageinfo_pays.php3?Pays=SUI&Opt=economy Fact: The swiss army knife comes with a life time warranty. Population:
7.8 Million
Infant mortility rate - 3.9/1000
Life expectancy - 79.4 yrs (men), 84.2 yrs (women)
Years compulsory - 9, Attendence - 100%, Literacy - 100%
Density - 180/ km2
Fertility rate - 1.75 children per family
Main Languages - German (63%), French (19%), Italian (8%)

Work force:
Agriculture and forestry- 4.0%
Industry and construction - 23.5%
Services and government - 72.5%

Annual growth rate: -1.5%
Unemployment rate: -4.4% Switzerland is a member of some international organizations:
Wrorld Trade Organization, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, European Free Trade Association, Bank for International Settlements, Council of Europe, and Organization For Security and Cooperation in Europe. How its made - Swiss army Knife
Video Quick Facts In the thousands, mainly focused on the military and large cities. The swiss army knife is available year round Another product from Victorinox is the... Victorinox Bibliography Children's Visual World Atlas, by John Owen, published by Fog CIty Press, 2004 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Switzerland http://www.switzerland.com/en.cfm/home http://import-export.suite101.com/article.cfm/top_swiss_exports_imports Exports In 2007, Switzerland exported $201 billion dollars (US) worth of products, most of which were machinery, chemicals, metal, agricultural products and, of course, Victorinox products like the Swiss army knife. Swiss imports were valued at $189.60. Switzerland's top trading partners for exports are Germany (19.7% of total exports), then U.S.A., (11.1%), Italy (8.8%), France (8.6%) and the United Kingdom (4.8%).

Switzerland's top trading partners for imports are Germany (19.7% of total imports), Italy (10.6%), then France (10%), U.S.A. (6.2%), the Netherlands (4.7%) and Austria (4.3%). Imports 1. Medicinal, dental and pharmaceutical preparations …US$2.9 billion (19.3% of Switzerland to U.S. exports, down 1.9% from 2006)
2. Jewellery (watches, rings) … $2.4 billion (16.2%, up 12.1%)
3. Other scientific, medical and hospital equipment … $710.3 million (4.8%, no change)
4. Other household goods including clocks … $672.5 million (4.6%, up 18.8%)
5. Other industrial machinery … $523.3 million (3.5%, up 7.1%)
6. Industrial organic chemicals … $450.9 million (3.1%, up 1.5%)
7. Electric apparatus and parts … $440.9 million (3%, up 8.2%)
8. Machine tools, metal working, molding and rolling … $371.4 million (2.5%, down 14.5%)
9. Measuring, testing and control instruments … $336.4 million (2.3%, up 12.2%)
10. Collectibles like antiques, artwork and stamps … $318 million (2.2%, up 4%) 1. Gold … US$5.9 billion (34.9% of Switzerland from U.S. imports, up 58.9% from 2006)
2. Pharmaceutical preparations … $2.3 billion (13.3%, up 20.1%)
3. Collectibles like antiques, artwork and stamps … $1.7 billion (9.7%, down 9.6%)
4. Jewellery … $858.1 million (5%, up 49.4%)
5. Diamonds … $731.8 million (4.3%, up 39.4%)
6. Other household goods … $558.1 million (3.3%, up 15.7%)
7. Other precious metals … $549.3 million (3.2%, down 53.2%)
8. Medicinal equipment … $363.7 million (2.1%, up 32.2%)
9. Organic chemicals … $338.7 million (2%, up 6.1%)
10. Civilian aircraft parts … $215.4 million (1.3%, down Switzerland has achieved one of the highest per capita incomes in the world with low unemployment rates and a low budget deficit, as well as a very high qualtiy of life. Zurich is ranked #1 in the world, Geneva is second and Bern, the capital, is sixth. COOOOOOOOOOL facts Switzerland has the second highest employment rate in the OECD, after Iceland.
Switzerland is the first and only country to implement people's rights system of government, also called direct democracy, involving the constitutional initiative (public petitions) and referendum.
The average Swiss eats 23 lbs of chocolate per year compared to the 11.7 lbs consumed by each American annually Albert Einstein was working as a clerk in a Swiss Patent Office when he proved his Theory of Relativity.
James Bond's mother is Swiss.
Some 60% of Switzerland's electricity is produced by hydroelectric power about 70% live in appartements
Switzerland has the second highest life expectancy in Europe, after Sweden. It was once against the law to slam your car door! Every citizen is required by law to own a bomb shelter or access to one Swiss army knives are red so they can be seen in the snow http://lifestyle.iloveindia.com/lounge/facts-about-switzerland-1360.html http://www.cccsmtl.com/printcontrib.cfm?x=052049056 http://hubpages.com/hub/Fun-Facts-about-Switzerland
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