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Shakespeare's Personality

No description

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Shakespeare's Personality

Shakespeare's Personality

Shakespeare was deeply involved in the theater as a playwright, actor, and shareholder. He showed concern for his family's reputation and financial security, although he often lived apart from them. He enjoyed great respect from fellow writers and popularity among theatergoers from all levels of English society. But Shakespeare's personality remains exclusive, and no biography could ever explain what inspired or enabled him to write his remarkable play's

William Shakespeare's personality rotated around creativity, spirituality and art. He was always quiet, reserved and a little bit secretive. Throughout his writing career, it was observed that he was very alert and inquisitive. He always reflected about life and its sorrows. William was humorous as shown by his great love and affection towards his father.

His writing, they showed that he was keenly observant and was curious. Shakespeare thought deeply about life and its sufferings. Though, he had a sense of humor and found much to laugh at in life! He had a strong affection for his dad
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