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TSANTALI Vineyards Welcome

Welcome to our world. Let's EXPLORE our 120 years heritage that set the cornerstones of the Greek winemaking. FEEL the roots of amazing wine traditions as preserved today by the 4th generation. TREASURE and SHARE the experience of Wines of Greece

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Transcript of TSANTALI Vineyards Welcome

Rapsani: Where the land meets

At Mount Olympus, home of the Ancient Greek Gods, a divine story carries away the wine enthusiasts all around the world.

Xinomavro, krassato and stavroto, three indigenous red grapes are co cultivated at vine parcels nestled in the mountain, from 250 to 700 meters above the sea level.

Harvest time is a great challenge for us as we have to value the best average time to hand pick all three varieties as according to the local wine tradition they must be co-vinificated as well.
Growing since 1890
The Tsantali family shares the love for the vines for over 120 years now. The insight of Evangelos Tsantalis led to the rejuvenation of some of the most distinctive vineyards setting the cornerstones of the Greek wine making,

Thanks to the Tsantali family, today amazing wine traditions live to tell their seductive stories filling our glasses with intriguing wines.

The third generation of the Tsantali family is at the helm, headed by Yianna Tsantalis, our Chairman.

At the same time a very promising fourth generation is taking the first steps at the marketing and viticulture departments of the family business.
Vineyard Owner in Greece

Organic Wine Producer

Greek Wine Exporter
Bottled wine:
10,340,000 Lt

2,400,000 Lt

More than 40%

Annual production
Welcome to Rapsani
Here vines and wines were a family matter passing down from generation to generation
Courtesy of Rapsani Vines and Wines Museum
Giving birth to the PDO wine known as
Excellent Rapsani write ups by top wine writers
The Rapsani PDO wines trilogy
From 250-350 m. altitude parcels
6 months in french oak, 6 months in bottle

Rapsani Reserve
From 350-450 m. altitude parcels
12 months in french oak, 12 months in bottle (minimum)

Rapsani Grand Reserve
From 450-700m. altitude parcels
18 months in french oak, 18 months in bottle (minimum)
Santorini: Where the sea meets the fire
Nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea, born by a fistful of sand that fell on the sea. Shaped by the volcanic explosions, the island is legendary for its wild beauty. It is a living experience we treasure. A living experience we taste through the exciting local gastronomy and the amazing local wines.

On that unique land we find a unique viticulture tradition of more than 3,500 years. Today, the Santorini wines thanks to their outstanding character are standing out at the wine world. Assyrtiko, the white local variety is an international star and Vinsanto, the dessert wine made by sun-dried grapes, marks its territory.
Proud partners of
Santo Wines
The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, named as Santo Wines, was founded in 1947.

Representing all the cultivators of the island, Santo Wines is committed to producing authentic Santorini wines of superior quality while respecting the local traditional vinification techniques, protecting the precious Santorini vineyard and its sustainable development.

Today Santo Wines owns one of the most state-of-the-art wineries in Greece, managing 65% of the total wine production of Santorini with 1,300 members.
Preserving the Santorini heritage
by keeping a nursery of all indigenous grapes born on the island.
Motivating young farmers to keep up the tradition.
Like the unique spiral vines, a natural nest for the grapes protecting them from the summer heat and the "meltemi" wind.
Bringing to the Santorini brand the international image and value it deserves
Telling the Santorini story
with the most seductive way.
Sharing the experience.
Steadily growing distribution network.
In 2007, the honorary title
of the Official Purveyor of Kremlin Moscow was attributed to a winery, Ours.

The selected wine was Kormilitsa Gold from Mount Athos, a limited production organically cultivated red wine.

Official Purveyor of Kremlin Moscow
Narrating our wine stories all
around the
Consistent to our extroverted strategy which led our exports to start in 1962, today we are the major ambassador of Wines of Greece abroad and the holder of some of the most notable success stories.
Operating in
countries around the world.

Tsantali offices in Hong Kong, Moscow, Saint Petersburg.

The title enhanced our winery's prestige worldwide and opened up new markets.
200 million consumers in China can find a TSANTALI wine, distillate and olive oil via our Chain of Stores.
TSANTALI Chain of Stores in China
25 stores and dozens of corner shops operate as One Stop Shop guiding the consumers to the
From Canada to Brazil
Aiming at markets
with growth potential, overcoming the difficulties with longterm strategy and solid collaborations

In the demanding market of Quebec Canada, our Rapsani remains among the best sellers.

In Brazil, Tsantali wines, distillates and olive
You can be a narrator of our story as well

For any queries, contact us
Periklis Drakos - Export Director - drakos.p@tsantali.gr

Our share
in the total of exported Wines of Greece
and gastronomy in general.
oil are listed in the lagor
fascinating world of
Greek winemaking
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