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why i would make the best head boy

No description

dillon woolaghan

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of why i would make the best head boy

as you all know i am presenting a presontation for head boy and vise head boy and im going to show you why i should be head boy and vise head boy.
why i want to be head boy
about me
why i should be head boy
i will organize a bussnies fair and raise money to get a football goal because the one we had got taken out and every day a year and they can have it for a day then the next year can get unti the week is up then next week and so on and if girls dont want that i will try to buy more equipment for you. i will be a good head boy also i have the quilaties that you need for a head boy
i hope you enjoyed my presantation and vote for me
why i should be head boy
head boy
why i would make the best head boy
as you all know my name is Dillon but sometimes they spell my name like billon.
i have a sister called Alanis and she gets called awanis.
I will be remarkable and i know what my strength would be great to be the best head boy. i have 1 rabbit called BOB and i feed him and give him water so that makes me responsable
i want to be head boy because i will take on the rolls that it takes for a head boy and if i come vise head boy as well i will be equally proud as i am getting head boy. i will take care off touring the guests around and look after people when they get hurt because if the little kids fall over i will be determined to take them to first aid. i will also help the adults with the jammie oliver cooking and i will try to persuade the teachers to do a little jammie oliver for the younger ones. i will also be good at head boy for not only helping i will be representable for our school and tuck my shirt in and do my tie to the best, i will ask to do jobs every day as well.
vote for me
thank you
any questions
i will only take 3 questons and they have to be good
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