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Baby Project

About babies

Ashley Yang

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Baby Project

Baby Project
By:Ashley Yang


○Bright Start 3-piece Chill and Teethe Tubes Pack : $2.99.
Bright Starts- Rattles and Shaker
Barbell: $2.20.
○Go-Go Friends : $5.95
Cloud b Baby Sheep Quiet Rattle: $4.95.

Before,During, and After the baby is born.
○Prenatal care cost $2,000.

○Cost of Delivery and Labor: $3,500.

○Postpartum Care: $8,800

Health Insurance : United Health Care

Baby Needs
○Baby Wipes cost $18.99 for one box(576 Ct) and $56.97 for three boxes.
○ Huggies Snug &Dry Diapers size 1(Ct 128) costs $24.88 for one. For two packs it costs $49.76.
♦Size 2 (Ct 120) diapers cost $24.88. For three packs it cost $74.64.
♦Huggies Little Movers Diapers, Size 3(Ct 164) cost $38.98.For three boxes it cost $116.94.
♦Size 4(Ct 168), Size 5( Ct 148),and Size 6(Ct 126)costs $38.98 for one box and for two boxes it cost $77.96.

Baby Shampoo, Soap, & Lotion:
○Baby Magic Bath time fun Kit: $27.97.

Baby Magic Gentle Original Scent Baby Lotion" $3.97.

♥Baby Magic Soft Baby Scent Hair & Body Wash: $3.97

Knit Terry 10 pack Bibs: $7.85.

♥Desitin - Creamy Diaper Rash Ointment: $12.92.

Baby Furniture
○Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper:$84.99.

○Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogger Travel System Stroller - Road Runner:$329.99.

○Storkcraft Mission Ridge 3- in- 1 Convertible Crib, Espresso: $99.00.

○Sealy- Nature Couture Soybean Crib Mattress: $99.99.

○DaVinci Jayden 3Drawer Changing Table- Ebony: $279.99.

○Cosco Slim Fold High Chair: $7.28.

○Baby Trend Walker, Safari Kingdom: $29.00.

Baby Foods And Bottle Needs
○Similac- advance Early shield Ready to Feed infant formula Bottles with Iron:$6.88 for one box(Ct 8) $165.12 for 24 boxes.(1,536 bottles)

○Evenflo BPA-Free Classic Glass bottle Set: $11.99 or one and $35.97 for three.

Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack: $6.99.

OXO Tot Bottle Brush: $4,99 for one. $24.95 for five bottle cleaners.

4 months and up
Gerber Graduates Graduates Puffs Snacks Strawberry Apple : 2/$4.00 and for 12 it's cost $48.00.
Gerber 2nd Foods Banana 2pack(packs of 4): $4.12. For 5 packs it will cost :$20.60.
Gerber 2nd Foods baby Foods carrots (packs of 4) : $2.52. For 5 packs it will cost:$12.60.
Gerber 1st Foods Baby Foods Applesauce : $3.92. For 5 it will cost $19.60.

Fisher- Price Brilliant Basic Baby's First Blocks:$8.00
Bright Start - Sensory Giraffe: $6.25.

Gerber Graduates Lil ' Crunchies Zesty Tomato Baked Corn Snack(packs of 2): $4.54. For 6 cans(packs of 12) cost :$27.24.
-for the cheese one it is the same.
It's A Boy !
On this very grateful day, Ashley Yang was gifted with a baby boy.
Derek Colton Yang
Born on May 27, 2013
Shawnee Mission Medical Center

0 to 3 Months
Long- Sleeve Thermal Tee:$8.00 with French Terry Pull-on Pant: $8.00. ($16.00)
3-pack long sleeve bodysuits:$9.99 with Pull-on Pants:$5.99 ($15.98)
Owl print sleep & play:$9.99
Zip Front puppy sleep and play:$9.99
Contrast- Sleeve graphic tee: $7.00 with Cargo pants:$5.99.($12.99)
Layered-look Graphic Tee: $10.00 with Pull-on pants:$5.99.($15.99)
Short Sleeve Graphic Tee:$3.99 with Corduroy Pants: $11.99.(15.98)
3 piece cardigan Short Set:$7.99
3 piece Bodysuit pants set:$11.99
3 piece bodysuit pants set:$11.99
3 to 6 Months
Long- sleeve Graphic Tee:$8.99 with cargo pants:$5.99.($14.98)
Micro fleece Jumpsuit: $6.99
2 piece Bodysuit Pants Set: $5.99
2piece Short set: $8.99
Long sleeve Oshkosh original Graphic bodysuit:$5.00
Long sleeve Oshkosh original graphic body suit:$5.00
Long sleeve thermal tee(yellow): $10.00 with pull-on pants: $13.00.($23.00)
Long sleeve slogan bodysuit:$3.99
Short-sleeve Graphic Bodysuit:$3.99
Short sleeve Graphic bodysuit:$3.99
6 to 9 Months
9 to 12 Months
Long sleeve Oshkosh original graphic bodysuit(Red): $5.00
Long sleeve Oshkosh original graphic bodysuit(Blue): $5.00
Short sleeve Slogan Bodysuit: $3.99
2 piece Bodysuit pant set: $5.99
2 piece Bodysuit pant set: $5.99
Short-Sleeve graphic Bodysuit:$3.99
Short-Sleeve graphic Bodysuit:$3.99
Short Sleeve Slogan Bodysuit:$3.99
Short- sleeve Slogan Bodysuit: $3.99
2 piece bodysuit Pants set:$5.99
Long sleeve Graphic Tee(Green):$8.99
Long sleeve Oshkosh Originals Graphic Bodysuit:$4.99
Long sleeve Oshkosh original bodysuit:$4.99
long sleeve Oshkosh originals graphic bodysuit(orange):$4.99
Long sleeve Slogan Bodysuit(Red): $6.00
Striped Bodysuit: $6.00
Short sleeve Slogan Bodysuit(Green): $3.99
Long sleeve glasses bodysuit:$6.00
Short sleeve graphic bodysuit(Gray) :$3.99
Short sleeve Graphic Bodysuit(Blue):$3.99

Baby Clothes
KinderCare Learning Center
For an infant the price is $1100 per month for 3 days per week.
Only thing they don't provide is diapers, butt cream, and lotion.
For 36 weeks the cost will be $13,200 for the first year.
Over All Expenses
Before and After Birth will cost a total of $19,800.
For Baby furniture it totals up to $930.24.
The cost overall for toys is $30.34.
The cost of baby needs (shampoo,lotion,etc.) totals up to be $588.87.
For the baby's food it costs $388.31.
For the total of cash spent on clothing, it cost $312.66.
For daycare it cost $13,200.

The over all price is more than a teen parent can afford.
The Total Cost
The best way for you to avoid spending THIS much money is for you to stay abstinence or at least use protection. The cost of condoms only cost about $7.99 at Walgreen for the Durex brand. If you want to make sure you wont have any plans to having a baby you should try birth control if you are a woman. Honestly abstinence is really, the only good way to control the baby population and teen moms.
This project shows that being a teen parent is harder than it looks. It cost a large sum of money and a lot of a person's time. Life being a parent as a teens isn't all that great. You have to grow up when you are still young. You can't hang out with all your friends because you have to take care of your child.

When I was going through the process of "having a baby", it was hard. A lots of having to decide if you have to do. I had to budget all the money i spent even though i went over the limit. Being a teen mom was hard even through it was on a Prezi only, it must be really hard for a teen with an actual baby. It must be a struggle to raise the child.
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