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Copy of Sports Development Continuum

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Connor Harrison

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Sports Development Continuum

Purpose, Appropriateness & Cross Cutting Agendas
The purpose of the continuum is to show the progression of a sports person from grass roots and beginning a sport as a youngster to becoming a professional sports star in their chosen sport. The sports continuum gradually gets smaller and smaller as it gets higher. This is because it gets harder and harder as the continuum gets higher.
Compare - 3 sports
Sports development schemes have more than one purpose. The purposes include;
promotes healthy eating and regular exercise. More deprived areas need this because many people do not have good diets or active lifestyles which would lead to health problems and obesity. Sports development schemes can help to educate people into making better choices and becoming healthier. An example of this is Change for Life which is a government initiative delivered by the NHS and sport development and adresses both of these problems.
to help understand fair-play, follow rules, team work, multi-culturalism etc. Schemes such as Kick it Out in Football are designed to educate young people that racism and discrimination based on race, religion or background is wrong and all people are equal. This scheme is ran by the FA but is delivered through all levels of the sports development continuum.
help find a way back to normal activities, new focus. All sports have an anti drug policy and at the very top level of the sports development continuum this is very high profile. An example is the anti doping agency in Athletics. UK Athletics are very strict on drugs and handed a lifetime ban to Dwain Chambers after he failed a drug test in order to set a good example to all athletes.
encourage into positive behaviours, channel their anger. All sports are good for this because sport helps to release stress and is an escape from normal life. Boxing clubs are usually associated with anti crime because whilst boxing is a violent sport it requires discipline and effort in order to succeed. Sports development coaches at all levels would teach this to their boxers from the most glamorous gyms to places like Brid Boxing club.
Big events can improve the facilities and layout of a whole area. The Olympic Games transformed East London which was very run down and neglected before millions of pounds were invested in creating the olympic park and improving transport links. This regeneration can happen as a result of councils sport development teams security funding from the National Lottery Big Lottery fund or other such schemes. An example of this is the development of Leisure World in Bridlington which sits in a prime location on the sea front and is receiving a multi million pound facelift because of this funding. It should attract more visitors a town which relies heavily on tourism to maintain it's local economy.

Cross Cutting Agendas
Sports Development Continuum
The appropriateness of each part of the sports development continuum depends on each level. Some sports development schemes are tailor made for target groups like youngsters who want to play football or adults who are overweight. Some schemes are aimed at entire communities either to raise money for charities like sport relief or to reduce the amount of anti social behaviour in certain areas like positive futures football.
Contrast - 3 Sports
Compare - 3 sports
Contrast - 3 Sports
Compare - 3 sports
Contrast - 3 Sports
Compare - 3 sports
Contrast - 3 Sports
Strengths - 3 Sports
Areas for improvement - 3 Sports
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