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The Day I Got Lost

No description

Ben Swartz

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of The Day I Got Lost

The Day I Got Lost
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The Story of "The Day I Got Lost" is about a city professor named Shlemiel who gets lost in New York City. He then has to remember where he lives and treks across the city in search of home.
The theme of this story is, friends are always there for you even in the worst of situations.

The diction of the story would be casual and stressed because he talks in normal English but he is stressed because he cant remember where his home is.
The setting of this story is in Modern day Manhattan, New York, one of the biggest cities in the world and the biggest city in the United States.

The Climax is when Shlemiel find his friend and then his friend leads him home.
Setting and Climax
Theme and Diction
The Point of View of this story would be 3rd person because, it is telling what the people are doing from a person in the future looking back on past events.

The Tone of this story would be serious because he is having trouble finding his way home and he is determined to find it.
Point of View and Tone
Conflict in this story is internal. It is specifically Man vs. Self because he is fighting himself to remember where he lives.

The Suspense of this story would be Shlemiel trying to find his way home and time after time thinking he is almost there but he in fact is far from it.
Conflict and Suspense
By: Ben and Kylie
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