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Brothers by Bjornstjerne Bjornson

No description

John David Lopez

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Brothers by Bjornstjerne Bjornson

Brothers by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Early Life
Son of a pastor
Later moved to the district Romsdal
gained a new view on peasant life
Age seventeen went to the university Oslo where he studied literature
After school
Out of college in 1852
Began working at Morganbladet (Norwegian morning newspaper)
Theater and Studying Abroad
1857 appointed director of a theater in Bergen
1860 studied abroad throughout Europe
Influenced heavily by works of greek artists
After Studying Abroad and Noble Prize
Went on to produce and direct multiple plays
1903 received a noble peace prize “as a tribute to his noble, magnificent and versatile poetry, which has always been distinguished by both the freshness of its inspiration and the rare purity of its spirit”.
Had to deal with Angina Pectoris (Chest discomfort
1909 Received electro therapy from Dr. d'Arsonval in Paris
Still able to produce Når den ny vin blomstrer and Norges Vel
1910 Returned to Paris and recieved therapy in hotel Wagram
Health deteroriated quickly and he died in April 1910
Analysis of Plot
Anders and Baard both served in the war together
Their dad dies
Rising Action
During the Auction
Anders and Baard get into a bidding war for their father's watch
Anders' becoming ill and poor
Anders' fortune seems to turn for the worst once he and Baard argued at the auction
Baard's first attempt
Baard tries to make amends with Anders after seeing him in church but is only met with defeat "Go, Baaard!" shrieked his brother
Baard decides to try and make amends by giving the watch to Anders by hanging it on a peg on his hayloft
Falling Action
Anders' hayloft burns down
Baard and Anders make amends
Anders dies
Baard becomes a respected man known as" one who had great sorrow and had found peace again
Setting and Atmosphere
Unknown town
After an unmentioned important war
can't be either WWI or WWII, Bjornstjerne died in 1910
from the exposition, the story already starts with a melancholy tone
As the story progresses, the story gains a happy connotation with the reunion of the brothers
With the denouement including Anders' death, the story takes a final dive into sadness
Point of View
Third Person omniscient
Both Anders' and Baard's thoughts are known during the auction
"Baard felt that..."
"Anders no longer remembered..."
However, Baard's thoughts seem to be the only ones known for a majority of the story
Significance of the Title
Direct meaning
Anders and Baard are both brothers
They each value their brotherhood during the story
Family connection
"Brothers" just serves as a link between to members, the message can apply to any two relatives
ties into the theme of family values
Analysis of Characters
Man vs Man
Anders and Baard fight over the watch at the auction
Anders shriekd at Baard to leave when trying to make amends
Man vs self
Baard comes to the realization that he must make amends with his brother
Man vs Nature
Anders and Baard's dad dies
Anders' hayloft burns
Anders becomes ill
Anders dies
Writer's Style
Analysis of Theme
Bjornson values family moral, stresses the importance of the time you have with your family in The Brothers
valued church, Baard made the decision to make amends with his brother in a church
Watch- Has the watch be the main source of conflict and constant symbolism throughout the story
Church- Has Baard make the decision to make amends with his brother in church
Bjornson uses strong dramatic irony at the end of the story with the death of Anders
let a watch slip between him and his brother
values brotherhood
remembers the wrongs of others
has the ability to forgive
let a watch slip between him and his brother
values brotherhood
can forgive too
Don't let small things get between you and family
Anders and Baard let the watch get between them and, because of it, they grew apart
Our time on this earth is shorter than we think
The watch, again, serves as symbolism for the amount of time we have left
Anders accepted Baard into his house with the idea to live together for the rest of their lives "Now brother, we shall live together always" but dies on the same day
John David
I personally enjoyed the story. Bjornson managed to write an strong story regarding family morals and what can happen if they are not followed. In addition to this, Bjornson also manages to utilize symbolism well with the watch. While the denouement includes a plot twist that will annoy some, I found it to be the perfect melancholy addition to an already good story. I would recommend this story to any one who wants a story with deep rooted family morals
Presented by John David Lopez and Lila Krane
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