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Starfish Presentation - eComm 2011

This is the presentation on 'Power through Self-Responsibility: The Potential of Distributed Networks' I gave at eComm on 29th June 2011. For more information and contact, please see www.kemenczy.at. Images are copyright of their respective owners.

Raffael Kéménczy

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Starfish Presentation - eComm 2011

Freedom through Self-Responsibility:
The Potential of Distributed Networks Connectivity Social Discovery Discovery of relevant others Marketing Local communication Resilience Diverse Information Ecosystem Potential within the Community Technology Security Privacy Network
Neutrality Single Points of Failure Self-Responsibility Mesh-Networking Wireless Wired Applications Framework to enable... to develop tools... Optimisation
Systems Quote for Freedom Communication Starfish Inc. to facilitate transition... Cloud Computing Search Engines Perception Advertisement Structuring of Data
and Communication Equal Share Power Ownership Self-
Responsibility Empowerment Centralised Social Networking Control Perception
Control Communication
Control Organisation Preferential attachment Self-Governance Sovereignty Economy Politics Decision-making Resource Distribution None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe to be free. - J.W. Goethe The Importance of Digital Communication Family
Diversity Internet 'kill-switch' Internet censorship The price of freedom is responsibility. Communication Organisation Raffael Kéménczy

www.kemenczy.at Internet Issues Agency Structure is the Foundation of all Organisation Distribution Patterns to bridge worlds... to sustain communication... to allow organisation... to build
networks... Freedom of Speech Universal Access Security
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