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Hairstyles Over The Decades

No description

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Hairstyles Over The Decades

Hairstyles Over The Decades
Haley Johnson, Taylor Sheets, Emily Taylor
In the 00's, hairstyles ranged more than they ever had before. Women had short hair, long hair, dyed hair, maybe even no hair!
After the 80's and after the launch of the hit show "Friends," many women started to chop off their locks to get the "Rachel" look. A hairdo that is about shoulder length and has minimal highlights.
The hairstyles through the 50's and 60's varied from the beehive, flip, structured curls, and so much more, but they all shared the short bangs.
Women disregarded the bangs and started focusing more on curls in their hair and a more of a tousled look.
Women kept the curls in their hair but during the 80's added amounts of volume to their hair that only pictures could capture.
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