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Stephanie Jacobo

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Bullying

Why should we care about Bullying?
School and Teachers
1 in 7 students in grades k-12 is either a bully or is a victim of bullying.

Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.

(According to www.dosomething.com)Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day.

56% of the students have witnessed some type of bullying in their lives.

Students suicide most of the time because of verbal, physical, and cyber bullying.
Physical bullying increases in elementry school and peaks in middle school.

In high school bullying declines but its always there some how.

But verbal abuse remains constant.

There are different types of bullying.

There's fact that Mexico is the #1 country of bullying cause theres has been more cases of bullying treated in Mexico.

Also,recently there has been a case that the
kid was kill by his classmates that were bullying him.
As you can see bullying can effect alot of students around the world.

We can't stop it but we can do something about it.

Meaning we can treat others as we would want to be treated.

Bullying is an aggressive behavior among school aged children,this behavior has a potential to be repeated.
By: Stephanie Jacobo
Katya Villa

We should care about bullying because bullying is affecting us in different ways.
1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong about bullying.

Over two-thirds of students believe that school/adults/teachers don't respond to bullying.

Most of the bullying starts and happens at school.

Between (90%) 4Th through 8th graders report that they are being victims of bullying.

1 out of 10 students drop out of school because of bullying.
What can Parents do? If their child is being bullied.
Don't tell you child to ignore bullying.

Allow your child to talk about bullying and their experiences.

Do not encourage physical retaliation.

Make sure your child has a safe and loving environment.

Contact a teacher,principals,etc.
What can parents do?If their child is a bully.
Make rules in your family.

Share your concerns to the teachers,principal,and counselor so they can take action about it.
Thank You For Your Attention
Information provide by:
Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to prevent and make bullying less common in our everyday lifes. By asking people what their experiences they had or why did they start bullying or how did they react to being treated this way.We are bringing courage to the people who have been bullied so that they can stand up weather its from seeing bullied or being bullied.
The Process
How did we interact with the community?
We interacted with the community by: going to different events that we could interact with kids that have been bullied before. We took our skills for a better understanding and a better way to present our project.The subjects that we more used during the process was Math and English.

English:we use the skills of finding resources and have a better understanding of our topic.

Math:we use the skill of calculating to calculate our hours and to calculate other extras like counting surveys,have a better manage of hours,etc.
For our action we included what we had taken from investigating and planning into our
community. In this case we completed our hours separately. In the following organizations interactions for peace and making smiles.
Interactions for peace is an organization that provides information to schools by creating skits and scenes about the different types of bullying.
To start the process we first had to research the following issue. Which in this case we had to search information based on bullying. We needed to provide recent information and past to compare the differences and the similarities. Which could be provided on a graph etc.
For planning we needed to begin organizing the certain time and places we where go to do some of our hours. To do the following we created a calender for the month which showed the dates and times we would be taking our action into planning.
How to tell that your child is being bullied?
he's scared to socialize with others

hes doesn't want to be with others or meet knew people

unexplained scars or ripped clothes

he doesn't want to go to school or be part of activities with others

a change in eating habits
How to tell that your child is a bully?
he's cruel

he treats others bad

hurts animals

he refuses to include others in activities

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