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Illiteracy Project

No description

Elizabeth O'Keefe

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Illiteracy Project

Illiteracy in America "The poverty, poor health, and illiteracy that the terrorists and the Taliban have imposed on women in Afghanistan do not conform with the treatment of women in most of the Islamic world, where women make important contributions in their societies. Only the terrorists and the Taliban forbid education to women." Other Effects of Illiteracy In the United States, despite the position of power this country possesses globally, 23% of adults are functionally illiterate. meaning that they can only read at the most basic level. Shobha Indian Trash Picker
Cox Town Slum
Eight Hour Shift
$96 a month Shobha's Situation How we help Shobha Through One Mind At a Time Shobha can be connected with a tutor from an area nearby
Help her learn
More skilled
Better Job Malala Yousafzai
Pakistan Malala's Situation 15 years old
Shot by Taliban
Father owns school
Fairly well educated
Wants to be politician
Advocate for women's literacy
Malala Day How we help Malala -Laura Bush Start program in father's school
Send traveling teacher's to area
Make connections with Malala Day to website Video: Class Dismissed 19
Got addicted to drugs
Teen Pregnancy
Aspired to be doctor
Droped out of School
Son, Landon, follows in footsteps http://www.fofweb.com/activelink2.asp?
ItemID=WE42&iPin=awhm0898&SingleRecord=True United Kingdom-- Citizens who cannot read earn less money from their jobs and use more government money, costing the UK economy over 81 billion pounds each year. New Zealand-- One million New Zealand citizens are functionally illiterate, 3% unemployment South Sudan-- Has one of the world's highest illiteracy rates; mostly women Washington DC Illiteracy By Abby McKenna, Victoria Murano, and Elizabeth O'Keefe What does it mean to be Illiterate or Functionally Illiterate? Illiteracy is the state of being unable to read or write

Functional Illiteracy means that although a person may be able to read and write at a basic level, they cannot apply these skills to the simple tasks that are important in daily life But really, it's not as if illiteracy is a life-threatening problem frequently featured on the news...
SHOULD WE CARE? How does being either illiterate, or
functionally illiterate make daily life harder? For people who are illiterate, simple daily tasks are impossible:
Reading a medicine and nutrition label
Balancing a check book
Filling out a job application
Reading/responding to correspondence in the workplace
Reading a bank statement
Filling out a home loan application
Comparing costs to get a better value
Working out the correct change Poverty Illiterate people earn about 30%-42% less than their literate counterparts
43% of people at the lowest level of literacy live in poverty
The income of an illiterate person will remain about the same for the entirety of their professional life. A literate person's income is likely to increase 2-3 times what they were earning at the beginning of their career The cost of illiteracy to the worldwide economy is 2% of the global GDP
Illiterate people burden the rest of their country's population through taxation, costing over billions of dollars for benefits and social programs
Illiterate individuals are more likely to collect welfare and unemployment benefits (where available) Economic Cost But the limitations do not end there... Tasks involving more critical thinking are also inhibited:
Understanding and voting in an election
Completing a higher education degree or training
Assisting children with home work
Accessing up to date information on the internet
Analyzing advertising messages
Self-confidence Education
Illiterate parents have lower expectations for themselves and their children
Poor families place work before education
Illiterate parents can not help with homework
Less parental involvement can lead to behavioral issues Crime Most prison inmates have poor literacy, about 70%
Among juvenile delinquents up to 85% are functionally illiterate
It is harder for illiterate people to get a sufficient/steady income, so they are far more likely to resort to crime Health Limits ability to access, understand and apply health-related information
Leads to poor nutritional and hygiene practices, leading to higher rates of disease and other health issues
Increases likelihood of high-risk sexual behavior
Increase in unplanned and teen pregnancy
More apt to mental illnesses
Increased risk of drug addiction The gears of poverty, ignorance, hopelessness and low self-esteem interact to create a kind of perpetual failure machine that grinds down dreams from generation to generation. We all bear the cost of keeping it running. Illiteracy is its linchpin.
--Carl Sagan, US Astronomer How pervasive is illiteracy? Despite the United States' position of global power, illiteracy is a pressing domestic problem. Illiteracy
is also an international problem But how do you solve a problem as large and far-reaching as illiteracy? With one simple idea.... Reach one mind at a time Our Solution Women's Illiteracy John Jones Highest Rates of Illiteray Niger: Men-76.2% Women-91.6%
Yemen: Men-32.5% Women-74.8%
Burkina Faso: Men-66.1% Women-85.9%
Guinea-Bissau: Men-40.3% Women-81%
Togo: Men-25.5% Women-59.2%
Nepal: Men-40.8% Women-76.1%
Benin: Men-43.1% Women-75.3% Afghanistan Men illiteracy-48.1%
Women illiteracy-78.1%
1990's- 1 of 10 girls and 1 of 3 boys were formally schooled
Taliban barred girls from schools and dismissed female teachers
Girls coming back to school
2004- 4 mil. students were schooled girls making 30 percent of that "The poverty, poor health, and illiteracy that the terrorists and the Taliban have imposed on women in Afghanistan do not conform with the treatment of women in most of the Islamic world, where women make important contributions in their societies. Only the terrorists and the Taliban forbid education to women."
-Laura Bush South Sudan Schools destroyed by war
2007- 27% 15 and over were literate
80% were able to read and write
19% of women above 15 are literate Employment
Less likely to earn as much as a male with the same literacy rate
Earn on average 77 cents for each dollar a man earns Illiteracy is a Particularly
Critical Problem for Women Illiterate Men Illiterate Women Illiterate Nation Illiterate World Every user creates a personal profile and takes a quick evaluation test Based upon the results of the evaluation test users receive recommendations for Videos Activites Lessons Books A non-profit organization called One Mind At a Time Website and App One Mind At a Time Live Chat Feature Tutor Connection Service A 24/7 chat feature will allow member to speak directly to employees of the organization The main purpose being that this feature is available should any site/app member encounter a problem with the site, or would like to ask a question about the content that they are learning The organization will soon establish a volunteer base of people willing to work as tutors From this base those interested in the program can connect with volunteers in their area
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