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Audience Development

No description

Juanita Clare Cortez

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Audience Development

The Point's contemporary theatre audience Audience Development Plan Phase 1, Quarter 1 Arts Council England:

‘The term audience development describes activity which is undertaken specifically to meet the needs of existing and potential audiences and to help arts organisations to develop ongoing relationships with audiences. It can include aspects of marketing, commissioning, programming, education, customer care and distribution.’ What is audience development? First Steps - Reflection Commission audience research -
Experian Mosaic profiling
Audience segmentation and analyse trends
The Point's Creation Space supports artists at varying stages of their careers. This access can be capitalised on - not only to help build audiences for The Point, but for each of the artists. Who are our existing contemporary theatre audiences? What are their booking behaviours?
Where are they travelling from?
What are their motivators to attend and barriers to participation? Ellie Russell
Contemporary Theatre
Audience Development Plan A Virtual Audience Alongside opportunities for live audience engagement work with artists in residence to help create virtual audience opportunities - photos, blogging (posterous), video diaries - online driven content to open the doors to the creative process Letting Audiences Get Under Our Skin Aim of Audience Development is:
to strengthen relationship with our existing audiences
to attract new and wider audiences, engaging first-timers and people from under-represented groups
to develop more enriching experiences for all audiences. Working with the Artistic Director and Creative Producer approach artists with confirmed residencies to seek out opportunities for audience engagement at point of contract Content Driven The Point's website - a sharing platform linking to The Creation Space website where host a range of interactive content
Use social media networks and opportunities for viral sharing e.g. British Museum Grayson Perry's Alan Measles stunt bear to drive online audience engagement Phase 2, Quarter 2 Build on Connection Point pilot scheme with a resident contemporary theatre company
- Invite targeted audience group 8-10 members
Opportunities such as workshops, open rehearsals, meet the director, dinner with the company, set-design meetings etc
Personal and tailored approach - move audience through journey to become advocates Deepen Engagement - Developing Ambassadors This insight will give a stronger understanding of our audience and provide information on future audience segments. Growing this Group
Reward loyalty - 'bring a friend', targeted ticket offers
Vox pops & artist engagement e.g. interviews
Aims to grow initial group of 8 to 20 in three months, 30 in five and 40 in six... 'Potential' Audience Segments Further Segment Groups:
Under 25's - research feasibility of ticket scheme plus artistic engagement
Local residents - e.g. invite to free sharing in Creation Space then introduce passport scheme Mosaic App - Street Profiling individual bookers.
Door drops & personal invites to join Ambassador Scheme Seek opportunities to engage groups with artists at an early stage of the creative process.
Work closely with Drama Development Team to offer additional incentives e.g. associated workshops, project based initiatives, CPD training for educational groups and community engagement initiatives with under 25's
Opportunities for students to interview artists - push online content and sharing, value added opportunities Ongoing Initiatives An 'organisationally embraced effort' to talk to our audiences, from Box Office to Marketing, Techs and Creative Learning
Scratch Nights - cheap price entry to encourage experimentation. Emerging artists opportunity to develop audiences - invites and sign-ups to attend open rehearsals.
Cross-Artform promotions e.g. dance avids offer to physical theatre
Pre and post-show talks (wine!)
Work with Drama Development Team to expand pre-show online Q&A sessions with companies and education groups Measure and react... Audience feedback surveys
Communication - make it personal
Online evaluation tools e.g. Google Analytics, socialmention.com, tweetreach
What creates a discussion and engagement? Work with artists in residence to increase interaction and conversation - both in person and online, creating opportunities for audiences and artists to collide and share
stories and experiences... Phase 3, Quarter 3 - Developing New Audiences The mushroom effect.... into Quarter 3 Groups: Research and implement CRM system - budget dependent Profiling & segmenting our audience - dividing into similar subgroups. The nature of the space and its artistic residencies gives us the opportunity to allow our audiences into the creative journey and under the skin of the building and the artistic work created within its walls.
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