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Writing for an Audience and Purpose

No description

Jennifer Dyer

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Writing for an Audience and Purpose

Writing for an Audience and Purpose
When Drafting, some things to consider are:
- order - what should come first, next,
- formality of language
- additional ideas
- re-thinking ideas
- purpose
- audience
- format
Write a Statement of Purpose
In 3-5 sentences write down the answer to these prompts.

What do you want your Audience to:
- know
- understand
- believe
- feel
- think

How do you want your writing to affect or change your reader?
Thinking and
Re-thinking your Text
You may have taken what you feel is quite a bit of time writing in your Writer's Notebook up to this point, but you might not have considered all aspects of the writing process just yet.

Now you must consider your Audience
Who will be reading your writing?

- Teachers
- Peers/Other Students
- Standardized Test Raters
- Parents
- Friends
- Principals
- Church
- Others
- College Admissions Officers
- Employers
- Clients
- Customers
Audience & Purpose
Once you have considered your Audience you must then decide what you want them to know.

What do you intend your writing to do to your reader?

What do you want them to know, think, feel, value, expect, believe, wonder...after having read your writing?
What will you write?

Short Story
Opinion Piece
Flash Fiction
Children's Book
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