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Katy Perry

No description

Cassandra Groff

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Katy Perry

Katy Perry Music She was found by rock veterans at age 15.
She went to Nashville where she signed and created an album with Red Hill (Christian label)
The album: Katy Hudson, didn't do well selling only 100 copies. The label closed in 2001.
She went to another label at age 17 which dropped her around 2004, when her second album didn't do well.
2004- signed with Columbia Records and through 2006 she was dropped when her next album was almost complete.
2007-Katy was signed on Capitol Music Group, she wrote two songs with Dr.Luke:"I kissed a girl" and "Hot n Cold."
2008- She finished the album she was working on and released One of the Boys.(platinum)
2009- She went on her headlining tour called "Hello Katy." (89 concerts) Childhood She was born Oct. 25th 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Her birth name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. 1999-2009 She has a younger brother and a older sister. Albums Her parents were both pastors. Started singing gospel music at church (Age; 9-17). She attended Christian school but she left school for a career in music. She took vocal lessons from age 9-16. 2010-Present 2008 2012 It was released for her
single "I Kissed A Girl." She went on a Hello Katy tour
to promote the One of the Boys album. She also came out with an album called Teenage Dream in 2010, it had 5 number 1 hits! (Tied record with Michael Jackson) The Complete Confection album was a
re-release of Teenage Dream, with some
new songs like, "Part of Me" and "Wide
Awake." She has a Contralto singing voice-vocal range is the lowest female voice type. She writes songs mostly about things
happening in her life. She sang gospel/gospel rock at the start of her career but went on to sing more pop songs. Some music influences were:
Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and
Joan Jet. We chose to write our music assignment on Katy Perry because she is very inspirational and talented. She was dropped by many music labels, but she never gave up and she kept trying to pursue her dream to become a musician. She always stayed true to herself and she stayed fun and told others to be yourself. At the bottom of the Katy Perry Part of Me movie cover it even says "Be yourself and you can be anything." She also is very talented, both of us saw the Katy Perry Part of Me movie and saw how she is an amazing performer on her tour that she did while filming the movie. We also think she has an amazing voice and her songs are very catchy and fun to listen to. She created her stage name Katy Perry
using her mothers maiden name. California Gurls, Teenage Dream,
E.T, Firework and Last Friday Night. In November 2010 she released her
fragrance Purr. February 2011 she held a extensive tour which was to promote her Teenage dream album, (California Dream tour) it earned $59 million (124 shows). In 2012 Katy Perry was the 6th best digital selling artist in the United States. Katy says that by the Summer of 2013 she is planning on
having a fourth studio album. She came out with Teenage Dream (2010), sold 2 million
copies. July 2011- She appeared in the movie
The Smurfs .(voiced Smurfette) Dec. 2011- She released her second perfume Meow. March 2012- released her album Complete Confection. July 2012- Katy came out with a movie called, Katy Perry:Part Of Me, It was filmed when she went on her California dream world tour, It also showed her 2010 marriage to Russel Brand end. She likes writing music and she plays the guitar(electric and acoustic). Gospel rock album.
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