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No description

Sarah Johnson

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Journ

Journalist (media)
A person who works with collecting, writing, and distributing news and other current information.
Job Outlook
The average growth rate for all occupations is 11 percent.
3 Educational Institutions
University Of Central Florida
Florida State University
University Of North Florida.
Online application
Non-refundable $30 application fee
Official high school or home schooled transcript
Official scores for the SAT or the ACT with writing.

•4 units of English
•4 units of mathematics at the Algebra I level and higher
•3 units of natural science
•3 units of social science
•2 sequential units of the same world language or American Sign Language
•2 elective units

Recording and reporting news.
Working well with others/listening.
Gathering information, conducting several interviews with people.Finding and telling the truth, and investing time tracking down information and people relevant to the story.
Education and Training necessary
Bachelors degree in either communication or journalism
Take courses in editing, journalist ethics, reporting, photo journalism, and communication
Required SAT/ACT Scores

GPA of 3.0 or higher

•Application fee
•Official high school transcripts
•Official transcripts from other college credits earned
•Official SAT or ACT scores

Tuition and financial aid opportunities

Tuition for Florida resident:$16,814
If you need financial aid and you qualify the combination of financial aid plus scholarship funds can have a huge impact on your future success in and after college.
Tuition for non-Florida resident:$32,912
Tuition and financial aid opportunities (FSU)
Tuition for Florida resident:$19,548
Tuition for non-Florida resident:$34,714
If you look on Florida states website you'll find financial aid applications
Tuition and financial aid opportunities (UNF)
Tuition fees for Florida resident:$13,824
Tuition fees for non-Florida resident:$17,999
Financial Aid:Complete application early with all requirements
Potential employers
Script Writer (TracFone Wireless)
Miami Fl

Site Manager Aventura FL

Field Interviewr Miami FL

Future Lifestyle

Used Jeep Grand Cherokee 1,700

Work hours :37.5-40 hours per week
$36,226 per year
Bright futures
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