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The Congo Before Imperialism

No description

Diego Pina

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of The Congo Before Imperialism

The Congo Before Imperialism

Congo was one of the last areas to be colonized
Its government was made up of a King who controlled the empire.
This mask is an example of their art
Congo land before colonization was unharmed. One of the biggest impact of coloniztion was the clearing of a forest. The Congo was and still is considered the richest country in natural resources.
Most of Congo landscape was jungle and it was occupied by the Luba empire, the Lunda empre, and the Kongo empire.
Before Colonization
The Luba empire was the largest and dominated most of the land.
It's People
Its religion was to pay tribute to their ancestors and dead family members.
The Luba empires army was small because there weren't any really military threats.
Congo After Colonization
When Congo was part of the Belgium Empire it suffered. The Population for el Congo dropped severely during the reign of Belgium. It dropped from 20-30 million people to about 3 million.

This led it into a crisis due to its debts and scarcity in economical resources.
The main causes of this drop were that Europeans brought diseases with them. A major long term effect was that when given in 1959 their independence
the Congo was not prepared for it.




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