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An Introduction to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

A short summary of what a VLE is and where it is used. This presentation specifically refers to elements from Frog VLE.

Ben Stocks

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of An Introduction to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Virtual Learning Environment ...in preparation for VLE What is a VLE? The VLE is an online web service allowing schools to collaborate and share information. Who will use a VLE? A VLE is used by
Pupils and Parents

Each user has their own unique login. The VLE knows who they are and what information concerns them. Why might a School need a VLE? Access to Information Existing Options ... School Website School Intranet online VLE Things on the Front page of a school Website. Things people go to
the site looking for Full name of school Contact e-mail and telephone number Address and postcode of school Usable Site Map Prospectus/
Course list School Calendar Photo of Principle Photo Gallery Partnership branding and logos Ofsted report Latest newsletter Smiling Child Adapted from XKCD webcomic by Randall Munroe: http://xkcd.com/773 Conclusion...? A school website needs to satisfy the needs of an external audience:
Prospective Parents
Outside agencies The website is freely accessible by all who require it. The website is necessary and needs to market the school. Something else needs to handle the day to day communications of the school. Bottom Line _ SIMs E-mail Cover
System My Documents Network Drives Merit
System Why do I need one? USB Mass Storage Here's one option... but... Security
Issues Easily Lost or Stolen Nearly ALWAYS unlocked Not usually backed up Accessible to one person Is there another way? in School from Home Shared network drives School Website Email Specialised remote services, e.g. SCOMIS School
Intranet SIMs My Documents Security
Issues Multiple accounts required
Separate Passwords
Updated individually (or not at all!)
Little control over who sees what Access Points There are many places that hold information. Getting to all of this information can be difficult, especially if you're not on site. What about Online? Intranets are for collaborative use by pupils and staff. Can have multiple areas for individual departments and restricted "staff only" sections, which are password protected. Maintained and updated solely by IT management Creation of pages and content requires significant programming skill Is there another way? Good Better Best The VLE operates as the point of access for ALL information available in school or outside. Operates in a very similar way to websites like... ...and lots of other websites that don't like capital letters! These websites allow users to publish information in a very simple but effective way. What is a VLE? How does it work? Lily pads, Flies and Tadpoles Staff Pupils How can staff and pupils access resources easily at home and in school? Use an online service to allow pupils to access learning from home 43% of 9-12 year olds in the UK maintain a social network profile (despite imposed minimum age limits of 13) This figure more than doubles to 88% for those aged 13-16. That's nearly 9 out 10 pupils in year 9 and above. These pupils are accessing this network regularly, and have developed the skills to communicate effectively through it. Answer: London School of Economics, April 2011 Give pupils the means to turn these skills towards their education.

Allow each pupil to take responsibilty for independent learning.
Share and develop resources easily.
Encourage and motivate pupils of all ages.
Cut the 'paper' cost of teaching and learning. Option 1 - Good VLE VLE Add links to existing resources and websites.

Minimal setup required
Users can access all services from one place
Works well with existing bespoke systems like the Merits system. Option 2 - Better The VLE can take information directly from servers and databases in school.

Access to specific information from the school network without leaving the VLE
No extraneous login required
Access to files restricted to certain users/groups
Display or reference only the information you require "Flies" "Lily pads" Option 3 - Best Create resources within the VLE using the built in editor. Build pages using "frogbricks" which appear online for pupils and staff to see

Attach pictures, movies and sound to your resource. Even embed YouTube and Flash.
Insert a window to a folder containing the documents/resources your pupils require.
Create forums, chatrooms and surveys to gain feedback from pupils about the task.

This takes time and effort but produces significant advantages in the long run. "Tadpoles" School
Calendar Resource Management How do we sort through the plethora of documents and systems we already have? It is not Facebook.

The VLE is a platform to build on.

It is never full, finished or completed.

It is not a "dumping ground" for every file on the hard drive, this is a chance to do a little housekeeping.

Not everything needs to be VLEd.

VLEs do not replace teachers!
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