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Yomna Magdy

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Tooth supported Overdenture Case Report New Modalities How to overcome disadvantages?! New classification
A complete removable prosthesis that derive its support from both the residual alveolar ridge and the prepared roots of one or more remaining teeth Definition Recently overdentures have become more popular for a number of reasons: Classification of tooth supported complete overdenture based on the method of abutment preparation: 1-Non-coping abutments.
2-Abutments with coping. 
3-Abutments with attachments. 1-Improved methods of tooth conservation and endodontics .
2-Changing attitude to preservation of natural teeth.
3-Better hygiene measures .
3-The increased age of the population with teeth being retained longer Access post overdenture - a solution for challenging edentulous situation (feb2011): Features of the access post :
1) ball and socket attachment
2) Thick-walled, passive and parallel post
3) hollow tube design
4) Stabilizing flanges
5) Undercuts of the shank
6) Multiple (triple) tiered design
7) Standard nylon cap
8) metal keeper and cap insert system Among various techniques, Access Post retained overdenture has the following added advantages: 1. Simplicity, predictability and retreatability.
2. Thick walled, hollow tube design.
3. Ball and socket attachment which allows rotation of the denture.
4. Stabilizing flanges.
5. Undercuts of shank.
Locator overdenture attachement: Root supported overdenture gain their retention and stability from the use of attachements Types of attachements: 1-Bar type:

2-Radicular type:

3-Interradicular type: Palateless custom bar supported overdenture: A treatment modality to treat patient with severe gag reflex (Feb-2012) Some patients have a severe gag reflex and cannot tolerate conventional maxillary complete dentures with maximum palatal coverage and extensions of all borders. The condition further gets complicated in patients suffering from respiratory problems along with severe gag reflex.
A horse shoe shape palateless simple tooth or bar supported overdenture can be successfully used for treating such patients How to overcome breakage of overdenture: Darber et al found that the most frequent fractures of resin dentures bases occurred in areas adjacent to abutment teeth in over denture.
Jagger et al suggested reinforcement of the base on top of coping would be effective in reducing strain Fabrication of overdenture with ceramic teeth fused to cast metal base Overdenture Supported by a Combination of Tooth and an Implant (2010 Dec): Prosthodontic Treatment Of A Patient With Ectodermal Dysplasia (2009): The goal of maintenance of roots are to prevent alveolar bone resorption, provide better load transmission, maintain sensory feedback and achieve better stability of denture with emphasis on psychological aspect of not being completely edentulous A maxillary coping-retained overdenture and a complete mandibular denture were planned for prosthodontic rehabilitation for a 13-year-old male patient exhibited typical characteristics of ED Access post overdenture- A solution for challenging edentulous situation Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science 3July2011;10(3) Treatment of A Patient With Ectodermal Dysplasia:A Case Report The internet journal of dental science2009;7(2) Abraham P,Koka P,Murugesam K,Vasanthakumar M . Telescopic Overdenture Supported by A Combination of Tooth and an Implant: A Case Report Indian Prosthodontic Society Dec2010;10(4):230-233 Locator overdenture attachement General Dentistry Journal Singh K. Palateless Custom Bar Supported Overdenture: a treatment modality to treat patient with severe gag reflex Indian J. Dent. Res. March-April2012;23(2):145- Thank you Done by: Walaa Mahmoud 336
Yara El Amir 337
Yara Mahmoud 338
Yathrib Mansy 339
Yehya El Mahalawy 340
Yosr Bedair 341
Yomna Magdy 342
Youssef Alaa 343 Eur J Dent. 2011 July; 5(3): 331–336 Sushma Y.Fabrication of overdenture with ceramic teeth fused to cast metal base Kerala Dental Journal 2013; 36(1) References Supervisor: Dr /Ahmed El Sabarouty
Dr/ Yasmine
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