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Cell Transport

No description

Lainey Molin

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Cell Transport

Cellular Transport
mass of solute in a given volume of solution
If something
follows a concentration gradient,
it moves from a
high concentration
to a
low concentration.
If the concentration is the same throughout a system, that system is in
This is called
and requires
no energy!
Dynamic Equilibrium
the solute particles will continue to move, but their
overall concentrations
will remain the same both inside and outside of the cell
Facilitated Diffusion
diffusion of large particles via transport proteins, following a concentration gradient
the diffusion of water molecules from high concentration to low concentration

Water moves to balance concentration
Sugar concentration is higher on the right, but it can't move through the membrane because it's too big
Solute concentrations are equal
Solute concentration is higher
the cell
Solute concentration is higher
the cell
If something goes
against a concentration gradient,
it moves from a
low concentration
to a
high concentration
This is called
active transport
requires energy!
Protein pumps change shape to allow the passage of molecules like calcium, potassium, and sodium ions
Active transport of large particles
the cell
Active transport of large particles
out of
the cell
Double-layered sheet called a which consists of proteins embedded in lipids
Lipid Bilayer
Cell membrane is made up of many different types of molecules that float around one another and move throughout the membrane lipids
Fluid Mosaic
Some molecules can permeate through the membrane and others cannot
Selectively Permeable
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