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Can You Survive

Tasmania, Australia

zach desnoyers

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Can You Survive

Tasmania, Australia Can You Survive Terrain, Weather, Flora, Fauna Conclusion Tasmania is a small island on the coast of Australia.
The weather and climate here very moist it is also moderately warm. Warm summers and cold winters.
on average it receives on average 30 inches of precipitation yearly. My main food source when I am there will be fish and lobster of the coast of the island.
Also on land there is the Tasmanian devil which is dangerous but also a food source. Also many trees that have fruit on them that i could eat. To survive on this island I have to take into consideration that i cant bring bags and bags with me because I have to parachute in. I will bring the most important things to survive such as, a knife to cut rope and or kill dangerous animals for a food source. I will also be bring a tent ans lots of rope so that i can tie up food that I catch but also to maybe make a trap to catch an animal. And most importantly i will be bringing a collapsible fishing rode and a couple of lures and also a fishing net to catch the lobsters. Equipment I will defiantly be bringing rain gear in case it only rain when i am there. i will also be bring a pair of shorts and long pants. I will need a sweater for when it is cold and also so shirts that are water resistant. Food that I will bring for myself is some sort of trail mix but i will also bring little bit of bread and some peanut butter in case I cant catch any food that day. i will also bring so sort of fruit to give me energy in the morning. Clothing and Food There are lots of trees in Tasmania so i will find a big one and set up camp under it. I will also look for a spot that has a lot of downed trees to make a barrier and to dig trenches for the water to flow if it does rain. Also the more wood i find the warmer i will be in my tent. My source of water is actually quite simple, I will bring some sort of pot and boil water from either the rain or the ocean and drain it through a small strainer. On Tasmania island there are lots of small lakes that i could also get my water from. Campsite and my Water By packing the right stuff and also being well prepared for anything that i could face i would be better then ready i could survive anywhere. Also by not bringing to it allows me to move from one campsite to another one if the first one has some problems with it.

By Zach Desnoyers
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