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Priscilla Moore

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of Prezi

Elvis Moore
Who ; Is any race that is a nationalist.
What ; belief, creed or political ideology that involves with an and which it is individual identifying with.
When ; 19th century.
Where ; Can be anywhere.
Why ; To support or in which represent study.
Erie Canal
Who ; Mayor of New York
What ; Canal for boats
When ; 1808
Where ; New York
Why ; To help export
Who ; Greeks
What ; A better version of boat
When ; 1800's
Where ; Everywhere.
Why ; To help move stuff
Who ; National politics
What ; General well being
When ; Mid 1800's
Where ; Everywhere most New England
Why ; Because Nationalism
American System
Cotton Gin
Who ; Eli Whitney
What ; Machine
When ; 1800
Where ; America
Why ; To help World exports
Adams-Onis Treaty
Who ; Charles
What ; Transcontinental Treaty
When ; 1819
Where ; America
Why ; To end things
Who; American Policy.
What ; Economic plan
When ; 1800's
Where ; America
Why ; To help politics
Who ; John Fitch
When ; 1800's
Why ; To help exports
What ; A boat on steam
Where ; America
Gibbons vs. Ogden
Who; Ogden
What; Court
When; 1824
Where; America
Why; Held power to regulate
McCullough vs. Maryland
Who; McCullough
What; Court
When; 1819
Where; Maryland
Why; Fighting
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