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BreAnna Martineaux

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Colombia

Culture & Social Customs Communication Economy &
Business Business Regulations Geography Religion Andean Region
-Most populated

-Most of the country's wealth
is produced here Caribbean Region
-Most of economic movement is through ports here

-Merges into the Andean highlands Llanos Plains
-Only 3.1 percent of the population lives here

-3/5s of the country's total area Pacific Region
-Vast mineral deposits and other resources
-Most geographically complex Amazon Region
-Volume of the river is larger than the eight largest rivers of the world

-Largest watershed and more tributaries than any other river in the world. -Purchase Corporate and Accounting Books

-Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation (Is needed)

-Register Company ad books with National Tax Office Registry of Commerce -Open bank account with capital

-Savings account open in minutes

-Checking account 3 or more business days

-Different forms need filed -Pension for Social Security

-Health Care Coverage

-Severance Fund Roman Catholicism, main religion

Other Religions:
-Seventh-Day Adventist National Religious Holidays:
(Observed by the Government)

-Saint Joseph Day
-Psalm Sunday
-Holy Thursday
-Good Friday
-The Ascension
-Corpus Christi
-Sacred Heart Day
-Saints Peter and Paul Day
-The Feast of the Assumption
-All Saints' Day
-Immaculate Conception
-Christmas Often referred to as:
The Country of the Sacred Heart -One of the most famous religious devotions to Jesus' physical heart.

-Representation of his divine love for Humanity

-A one day devotion in June Over 35 million adherents Mostly Homogeneous
-58% Mestizo
-20% White
-14% Mulatto
-9% Mixture of Black, mixed Black-Amerindian, Amerindian Official Language: Spanish
-More than 180 indigenous languages and dialects Primary resources
-Coffee, sugar, bananas, corn, yucca, plantains, potatoes, dry beans, coca leaf, opium, sorghum, palm kernels, cassava, rice, wheat, flowers, cotton, and tobacco
Other resources
 -Soft tropical woods, roundwood, livestock, trout, and tilapia
Nonrenewable resources
-Emeralds, platinum, gold, petroleum, coal, common clay, kaolin, dolomite, gypsum, limestone, hydrated lime, quicklime, magnesite, nitrogen, rock and marine salt, sand, gravel, marble, feldspar, phosphate rock, and sodium compounds Principal industrial products
-Clothing, chemicals, plastics, printed materials, porcelain, glass, oil, and coal 70% of Colombian business are family controlled or owned ranging in size from small to large Operating hours
 -Business: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday
 -Stores: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
-Banks: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Mondays thru Thursdays and 9:00 am to 3:30 pm on Fridays Meetings
 Needs to be scheduled weeks ahead of time
 -Through fax, telephone, or email
 -Never through the regular mailing system
 Schedule appoints and agendas for meetings are not strictly followed
 -Being fifteen to thirty minutes late for an appointment is normal
 Small-talk and socialization is expected
 -Can involve personal questions being asked
 -Business relationships exist between individuals and people ANY QUESTIONS? THE COUNTRY OF Handshaking
-Customary greeting in business Native Language
-Spanish Titles are also important and they like it to be included on their business cards.
-Like to address a person strictly by his and her title.
For example, A Ph. D or a physician is called Doctors and teachers are called Professors. Some good topic conversations:
-History, culture, Soccer, coffee, and gold museum.

Topics to avoid:
-Drug trafficking, Politics, and religion. Diana Cardona
BreAnna Martineaux
Sherrod Gary
Sandra Jadoobirsingh
Heidi Roberts
Corey Myers
Benjamin Brooks
Courtney Stokes Cultural influences
-Native American
-Other European, African, Caribbean, and Middle --Eastern influences
-Other Latin American countries. According to a survey in 2004, the people of Colombia are actually one of the happiest groups of people in the world They express and celebrate their culture during carnivals and other cultural festivals Social Politeness as well as proper etiquette are strongly emphasized. Courtesy and good manners are pretty much required by everyone and formal dress is very important to the people as well. Family is very important in the Colombian society http://www.thisiscolombia.net/p/people-culture.html http://www.buzzle.com/articles/culture-of-colombia.html It is all very colorful http://www.colombiaemb.org/node/1331 http://www.colegiobolivar.edu.co/newteach/culture_&_customs.htm Colombia-spanish-language-2010-05-06. Globalpost.com. Web. 17 March 2013. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/colombia/100506/spanish-call-centers Open. Town House Restaurant. Web. 17 March 2013. http://www.townhouse-restaurant.com/Hours.aspx

Url. Carlos Whittaker. Web. 17 March 2013. http://www.ragamuffinsoul.com/2007/12/sorry-were-closed/ exchange-business-cards. Business Information Services. Web. 17 March 2013. http://www.columbiabusiness.info/business-etiquette-in-colombia/ Bogota10. Discover Colombia!. Web. 17 March 2013. http://discovercolombia.com/bogota-colombia-business-tourism-dominates/ Sources:
-www.nationalgeographic.com Politics The Colombian political system has two major traditional parties:
-Liberals and conservatives. -They have been in power frequently rotating since the nineteenth century.
-The armed forces have only seized power three times- 1830, 1854, and 1953. Since declaring its independence from Spain in 1810, Colombia has had ten constitutions, the last of which--adopted in 1886. These constitutions addressed three important issues:
-Division of powers
-Strength of the chief executive
-Role of the Roman Catholic Church The 1886 Constitution provides guarantees of civil liberties:
-Freedom of religion
-Rights to strike
-Petition the government
-Own property within limits imposed by the common welfare Constitution also gives:
All citizens a legal right to vote if they are at least eighteen years old, have a citizenship card, and are registered to vote. Colombia has struggled many times with many things from violence to strikes With the help of the military of their own plus other countries, Colombia is slowly gaining control. -It is the #1 factor for the majority of their problems because, the government has been outnumbered by the narcoterrorism. Sources:


http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/World-Leaders-2003/Colombia-POLITICAL-BACKGROUND.html Using translation books may allow you to:
-Get a hotel
-Order dinner
-Navigate the local tourist attractions Best way to enjoy everything the country has to offer:
Use an Interpreter
-More expensive but,
-More enjoyable experience
-Avoid mispronunciations
-Avoid offending someone www.mapsoftheworld.com
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