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2009 Men's USA Olympic Basketball

No description

Cameron McDuffy

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of 2009 Men's USA Olympic Basketball

Double click anywhere & add an idea 2009 Men's U.S.A OLympic Basketball This a picture of George Bush and the
Men's Olympic Basketball team. They got to meet
George Bush when he was President of the United States. Carmelo Anthony
Carlos Boozer
Chris Bosh
Kobe Bryant
Dwight Howard
Lebron James
Jason Kidd
Chris Paul
Tayshaun Prince
Micheal Redd
Dwayne Wade
Deron Williams
This Is The 2009 Men's
Roster The Men's Team play other People
From Other Country's. Such As
Germany, Spain, China and more... This Is A Picture Of The U.S Olympic Team After Defeating The China Olympic Team Lebron James
Cavaliers Chris Paul Of The
New Orleans
Hornets Lebron James is one of the few players
that made it on the Team..The team is made up
of players who play in the NBA... Lebron James is one of the most popular player among the NBA he is known for putting up numerous points in one games... He average 29. 7 Pts. , 7.3 Reb. , and 8.6 Ast.
He play's Smallforward His is 6 ft. 8 in. tall born dec. 30, 1984 - Akron, Ohio in 2003 he was clevelands first round pick in the draft SHooting Guard - los Angeles Lakers he is 6ft. 6inches tall born Aug. 23, 1978- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1st round) 13 pick by the Charlotte hornets He avg. 27.0 pts , 5.4 reb. , 5.0 ast. There colors are Navy blue, Red, and white the
color of our country's flag. Which is the American Flag. Basketball at the 1936 summer Olympics was the first appearance as an official medal event. The 1936 Olympic Tournament was played between 7 August And 14 August 1936 in Berlin , Germany.
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