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Not just a haircut... a CROP!

Caroline Hiemstra

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of CROPtions

CROPtions Behind the Name and About the Buiness... ~ Thoughts behind the name:
1. Good haircut is like a photo crop
2. Many services or options
~ Helping hair frame faces
~ Goal

~ Mission Statement

Not just a haircut... a CROP! CROPtions ~ Sole Proprietorship
~ In-Home Hairdressing Operation
~ Launch date: Year of 2017 or 2018
~ Sarnia, Ontario What, Who, and Why? ~ Cozy, home environment
~ Clients will come IN, but if uncapable to,
CROPtions will go to them

~ For people from both genders and all ages
- Segmentation Analysis
• Men - 30%
• Women - 50%
• Mothers with Children - 20%

~ Offers same services as other salons, but
more personalized (one-on-one) The Industry... ~ Cosmetology (and recently Fashion)
~ Wide variety of jobs and lots of work Seasonal Trends... ~ Busiest month: December
~ Slow month: January (sometimes February)
~ Summer is also busy My business... ~ Monday to Fridays, 9am-5pm
~ Roughly four main services
1. Haircuts
• Men
• Women
• Children
2. Colouring and Foils (Highlights)
3. Perms
4. Updo's Advertisement... ~ Business cards

~ Website

~ Eventually possible Newspaper ads The Pitch... ~ $5,000 needed to cover startup funds
• One-year bank loan at 5% Financial Forecast ~ Average units sold from each service:
- 235 Men's Cuts
- 175 Women's Cuts
- 235 Kid's Cuts
- 164 Colors and Foils
- 12 Perms
- 52 Updo's

• Gross Profit for the first month: $1,610

• Total Revenue: $26,120
• Total Annual Profit: $10,807.88 {$18} {$28} {$18} {$60} {$70} {$40+} - Vistaprint.ca

- Created/designed by brother-in-law, Corey "At CROPtions, you won't just get a
haircut... you'll get a crop that will
make YOU stand out!" Provide a service that doesn't stop
at a regular haircut but goes even
farther My Competition... ~ Other independent hairdressers
~ Other hair salons
~ My advantage: salon is cozy and personal
~ My disadvantage: I am the only hairdresser at CROPtions
~ Out do competitors by advertising, originality, and good prices Background Picture Reference... "Trimming Bangs" N.d. Photograph. At Home Hair Cutting & Coloring.
Serafino Says. By Kristan Serafino. Web. 04 June 2013.
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