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Bronze Arts Award Portfolio Examples

No description

nicola haigh

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Bronze Arts Award Portfolio Examples

Bronze Arts Award Example Laura made her own information flyer about the studios. she used this as evidence of her visit. Part A - Taking Part in the Arts Laura took photos of her art work and described what she did in a diary. Laura enjoys experimenting with different materials so she went to a textiles workshop. She learned new techniques of making mixed media pictures. Part B -
Being an Audience Laura is obsessed with Harry Potter! In the holidays she toured the Harry Potter studios. Laura also wrote what she learned and liked about the textiles work. Laura's shared the guide with her friend Sarah who used it when she visited the studios. Sarah emailed Laura to tell her how useful it was. Part C - Arts Heroes & Heroines Laura likes the art by famous artist Andy Warhol. Laura made a lap book displaying the research she had found about Andy Warhol. Laura wrote why she liked Andy Warhol's work and what she learned from the research. Part D - Arts Skills Share Laura learned how to crochet a couple of years ago. So..... ....Laura taught her friend Jenny simple crochet stitches and took photos showing what they did. "I feel more confident of my ability to transform a piece of fabric into something special now"
"I really enjoyed making my organza brooch, because at the end I had something I could use" Sarah's email to Laura Laura used one of Jenny's tweets as evidence that she shared her crochet skills. Laura collected all her work together into a file to show her Arts Award adviser. "I really enjoyed doing my textile pieces - learning new skills each week was really fun" Extracts from Laura's Arts Award diary
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