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Harry Styles

No description

Styles and Bieber

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Harry Styles

Harry Styles
Harry Edward Styles was born in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, UK. On February 1, 1994 at 12:06 am in St. Mary’s hospital with 9.31 pounds.
Harry was born in Holmes Chapel
but at the age of 7 his parents got
divorced causing him, his mum Anne
Twist Cox and his older sister Gemma
Anne Styles to moved out to the Cheshire westside. At the age of 12 Harry moved
back to Holmes Chapel with his mum
and sister, and even though Harry and
his father Des Styles maintained a good relationship and were pretty close Harry
decided to live with his mum and
older sister.
Four years later, when Mr. Styles
was only 16 years old , he got a
part-time job at the W. Mandeville
Bakery in Holmes Chapel. Harry only
worked at the bakery on the weekends
since he had to go to school at The Holmes
Chapel High School in Crewe Cheshire.
Des is Harry’s father, he was born in October 26, 1958. Des was married to Harry’s mum for 14 years, in those years the couple were very happy together but there was a point on their lives were they weren’t happy anymore so they got a divorced . Des didn’t want his children to grew up without him, so he stayed friends with Anne and he spent every weekend with Harry & Gemma.

Des Styles
Anne Selley Twist Cox.

Anne is Harry’s mother, she was born in October 21, 1970. After her divorced with Des Styles, she moved on with Harry’s stepdad Robin Twist, on June 1, 2013 Anne and Robin got married, Harry being the best man and Gemma being the maid of honour.
Gemma Anne Styles.
Gemma is Harry’s older and only
sister, she’s 4 years older than Harry.
Harry and Gemma are really close,
they’re basically best friends.
Gemma graduated from college in 2014.
Now she works and she’s a model in
the UK.
Robin is Harry’s stepdad, he got married to Anne Cox in 2013. Harry and Robin have a pretty good relationship, when Anne dated Robin, Harry was perfectly fine with it, he was pleased that her mum had found someone as good as Robin.
Robin Twist.
For now Harry is happily single!
Harry has have quite a few girlfriends in the past starting with Emily, he dated Emily when he was only 12, it was his first girlfriend. He dated a girl named Katie Smith on TXF but that didn’t last long since she got eliminated pretty quickly, he then had some more girlfriends before he became famous.
He dated Caroline Flack just after he got eliminated of The X Factor UK where she was a guest judge, Caroline was 32 and Harry was 17 at that time but age didn’t matter.

Harry then moved on with Cara Delevingne,
a well-known model but that didn’t last long
since Harry found out that Cara was going for
both teams and she was cheating on him
with a girl. Harry also dated the oh so known Taylor Swift, they dated for 3 months and that didn’t work, Taylor obviously wrote a song about him, her famous single ‘’I knew you were trouble’’ is confirmed to be Harry’s song, but Taylor didn’t stop there, she also wrote a few more songs about him in her 1989 album, ‘’Style’’ ‘’Out of the woods’

And the famous single ‘’shake it off’’ were all
written about no other than Harry Styles himself, pretty odd that Miss. Swift is still writing songs about him since they broke up more than 2 years ago.
Harry then dated a good friend of
his, the famous model Paige Reifler,
it didn’t work out and they didn’t end in a
good friendship. In 2014 Harry dated Kim Kardashian’s little sister Kendall Jenner, they dated for about 3 months but Harry ended things when Kendall’s mum Kris Jenner wanted to take a step forward in their relationship and she wanted Harry to be in their TV drama show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Harry didn’t like the idea, he didn’t want to have so much drama in his life and even if he wanted to he didn’t have

the time. Last but not least is the Victoria's Secret Model Nadine Leopold, she isn’t confirmed to be Harry’s girlfriend but they’ve been going out for a couple of months now, hopefully they’re just good friends.
But for now Harry is happily single!

Harry along with three of his best
mates back in high school formed
a band called White Eskimo, Harry was the lead singer, his old friend Haydn Morris was the lead guitarist, Nick Clough was the bass guitarist and Will Sweeny was the drummer of the band.They were that good that they entered to a Battle Of The Bands competition, which they won. But not only did they won, Harry also had the chance to meet one of his bandmates, the one and only Louis Tomlinson.
Louis had a band just as good
as Harry’s band and he also entered
the competition, Harry’s band played against Louis’ band, The Rouge. After Harry’s band, White Eskimo got the first place Harry and his bandmates, Nick Clough, Will Sweeny and Haydn Morris planned on going out to celebrate but not before going to have a little chat with Mr. Tomlinson’s band, Harry and Louis chatted for a while, and they exchanged numbers without them knowing that they would be future bandmates and that they would be just in the biggest boyband
in the planet.

Harry has many hobbies that
definitely make him more interesting,
he loves to do sports…he isn’t the best at
sports but he tries his best and plays pretty
much every sport, but his favourite sport is for
sure golf, he just loves golfing. Every now and then he plays golf, especially when he’s in LA, he usually plays with his friend’s Jeff family and sometimes he goes all pro, and plays with professional golf players. Mr. Styles also plays tennis and soccer, he’s not much of a soccer guy but he plays soccer for charity, him and the other 1D lads play twice a year for charity, when playing soccer he usually messes around, he even dances while playing
but it’s probably like a ‘lucky charm’ for him
since every time they play he ends up
with 1 or 2 goals which is a little
from him
All his hobbies are different, he likes
sports, he likes writing, he loves to play
the guitar, he enjoys reading poetry, he likes
to hang out with friends, he loves to ride his
moto bike, he also likes to get tattoos, he gets
one every now and
then, and obviously he loves singing.

Harry’s been through
tough times in his career, the one
that really affected Harry was when he
and the boys went to Ghana, South Africa
in February 2013. They got involved with
Comic Relief and they had to go to Ghana.
They had a good hotel to stay in, they stayed
in the rich part of Ghana, since there’s a
poor-rich divide in Ghana. It was a 2 days trip
but they spent 15 hours filming a music video
for their ‘’One Way Or Another.’’ cover-single
and trying to help people out there.
Harry and Liam went into this little tent
where people were having like a
naming ceremony for a baby,
Harry and Liam decided
to go in

and meet her
dad.The baby’s dad shook
their hands and then he turned
to Harry and said, ‘’ Please, please
take my baby away with you. She needs
a better life. Please take her away from here.’’ this was the hardest thing Harry’s ever had to listen to in his life. He just looked at Liam with eyes full of tears and they didn’t know what to do, Harry couldn’t take the baby girl away but he didn’t have the heart to say no, so he just kissed the baby's forehead, whisper a ‘sorry.’ and left the
tent crying. It was the hardest thing he
ever had to deal with. This was
something that changed his life,
an experience that
he’d never forget.

In 2010 Harry Styles,
Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne,
Zayn Malik and Niall Horan all
auditioned for The X Factor as solo artist’s. They all failed to progress the ‘Boys’ category at ‘Judges House,’ after a great suggestion by Nicole Scherzinger, a guest judge, they were put together to formed a boyband at Wembley Arena in London, England, UK. Mr. Styles came up with the name ‘One Direction’ and the boys liked the name so they decided that ‘One Direction’ would be their name as
a band. For their first song as a group
they sang an acoustic version of
’Torn.’ Within the first four
weeks of the

‘Live Shows’, they were
Simon Cowell’s last act in the competition. The band got popularity pretty quick in the UK. One Direction came in 3rd place and after the final it was confirmed that One Direction had been signed by Cowell to a £2 million ‘Syco Records’ record contract.
Ever since One Direction has became the most famous band in the planet. Selling Arenas and Stadiums, with 2 movies, 4 albums, 4 tours, 1 book (autobiography), millions of fans and loads of confident One Direction have gone from losing TXF to winning
the world.
Harry tries to do as
much charity as possible.
When he was just stating his career
he brought 1,000 pizzas and just gave
them to homeless people he saw in the
streets of the beautiful city, Los Angeles, California. He also plays in soccer games twice a year to
raise money for charity. Harry and bandmates helped on the charity company ‘Children in Need.’ every year they make a teddy bear that is ‘ill’ and they signed it so people can buy the teddy bears,
in that way they raise money for ‘Children In Need.’
They also sing a few songs at the ‘Children in
Need Party.’ Harry helps his mum with the
‘Believe In Magic’charity which is a charity
that helps children in need of operations
but can’t afford them. He really tries
to give as much as he
can to charity.
Harry Styles became
famous at young age, being
only 16 years old when he was
taken from his family and given to the world. Harry was pretty young and didn’t know much about the music industry, he didn’t know how to write a song and the only instrument he played was the kazoo. Within the years Harry has learned to played more instruments such as the acoustic guitar, piano and drums. He also has learned how to properly write a song and he’s wrote songs for the Midnight Memories album, the FOUR album and he’s co-write with a
few artist’s.

Harry is really a great
person, he has a big heart. he’s
always trying to help people, he’s always
trying his best. He tries to still be a normal
20 years old guy and even though it might not
be easy for him because of all his fame and everything, he’s still a normal guy and he never lets the fame get to his head, he really tries to still have a normal life. Harry’s one of the most heroic persons in the world, some people especially haters won’t believe this but he has saved so many lives, if people could just take a minute and think about all the teenager girl and boys suffering from bullying, illnesses, cutting their self, etc. they would see
that Harry has actually saved lives.
Harry’s not the typical famous boy that just
does the work and that’s it. Harry actually
talks with fans, he talks with them
via social media or in person,
he takes pictures

with them and he
does everything to make them
happy. He’s always himself and that’s
the best thing about him because he’s
crazy, weird, kind, polite, funny, nice, amazing.
Not so many people understand this but Harry
and his bandmates Liam, Louis, Niall, & Zayn are always trying to help their fans, they know that there are so many Directioners that harm themselves, their songs just make fans happy, it makes them feel good. There’s always a 1D song for everything, literally for everything! There’s this one song called ‘Diana’ the song it’s about the Princess Diana but it’s also about fans that harm themselves. That song it’s for those fans that cut themselves, that are bullied, that want to end their lives.
Everything about Harry Edward Styles can
save a life, every single thing about this man
is special. Harry Styles can save lives just by
saying a simple ‘hi!’ believe it or not, this boy is a better hero than superman or batman or any other hero, he is the most heroic person in the world and this is why so many people has written books about him, in my case this is why is wrote a 16 pages
long biography and if I could I would gladly
write an entire book about him. I would
write just as many books as the Harry
Potter books, and they’re 7 pretty
long book and I would write them in
French which would be a little hard since my French
in not that good but for
him I would do it!
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