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Persuading Your Audience Wk. 5

No description

Anthony Evans

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Persuading Your Audience Wk. 5

Introduction Techniques used t o present ideas Approaches used to communicate effectively Approaches used to communicate effectively Reference: Techniques used to persuade Team B
Maria Fontenot, Mariah Hess, Veronica Ruiz, Keith Hawthorne

Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
Salome Kapella-Mshigeni
April 22, 2013 Use charts, graphs, and visuals whenever possible to help support all points.
.Grab the audience's attention and get them interested by asking a question or using a remarkable statement.
Allow time for audience to understand all the information presented.
Concluding the speech, let your audience know why they should support the argument you presented Persuading Your Audience Know your audience

Let your words flow: Don't repeat words

Planning: Create blueprint to follow
Drafting: Complete entire draft with little interuption.
Revising: Transform into polished composition, Editing: Find and correct Errors

Format paper so that it includes:
Introduction, Main Idea, and Conclusion Helpguide.org. (2013). Effective Communication.
Retrieved from http://www.helpguide.org/mental/effective_communication_skills.htmRuggiero, V.R. (2012). The Art of Thinking. A Guide to
Critical and Creative Thought (10th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database Global Warming Objective:

Suppose you are a newspaper columnist asked to address the issue of global warming and energy in the next editorial blog of your newspaper’s website.

Which techniques should you use to present your ideas and to persuade your audience effectively?

Which approaches should you use to communicate your ideas effectively? C.U.R.E. Method Credibility: Establish credibility (Experience/Passion)
Using Evidence: Back up with facts
Reasoning: Audiences accept arguments that are logical and well reasoned.
Emotion: Emotion is an essential element of persuasion State the issue at hand, followed by three to five main points in order of importance to support your idea

Effective writing has four characteristics:
Unity: Compose a Central Idea and State it Early
Coherence: Choose and follow recognizable pattern of organization.
Emphasis: Give each idea the degree of prominence
Development: Elaborate on important ideas

Use signal words so audience can make connections between main points.
Before the conclusion, restate all main points one last time
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