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Allison Prange

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of ESL:

English as a Second Language
Allison Brown
Grace Nelson
Allison Prange
History of ESL
Classical Method
Less conversational
Noam Chomsky 1960s
Innate Knowledge
Meaningful Learning
Community Language Learning
Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell 1983
Silent Period
Natural and Communicative Approach
Marina Posse-Morey
at Ramsey Middle School, MPS
RMS Program
Read the story to yourself, and be ready to share with the class.
ELL Statistics in MN
Minneapolis Public
Belarus for 15 yrs
MN since 1993
Sheridan Global
Arts School K-8
Started at Ramsey
last year
60 students in ESL program, one teacher, few support staff
two newcomers, primarily 3rd & 4th level
3 pull-out classes
Student transitions
week of "silence"
blurting in ESL
Nairobi student example
Parent rumors through communities
student in special ed. because of misunderstanding
WIDA testing system- literacy tested in content areas
Levels 1-6, varying levels of support
Exiting ESL
Bilingualism and family support
75 students per teacher
7.4% of students in MN public schools are in ELL programs (60,851)
MN ranks 15th in language diversity
13,000 ELL students in St. Paul
9,200 ELL students in Minneapolis
ELL reading scores have increased, math scores have decreased
Most common: Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Vietnamese and Karen
Nationwide, only 12% of ELL students are at or above proficient (compared to 42% of English speakers)
Literacy Strategies
Focus: academic language RWLS
Reader's theater
Poetry and the freedom it brings
Authentic materials
Newademic: https://www.newsademic.com/
Focus on content area vocabulary
Con: lack of bilingualism
Milestones text
ESL Programs TODAY
Less pull-outs
More inclusive
More collaboration with curriculum teachers and students
Not ideal circumstances
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