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Workplace + Design

No description

Adriana Bylsma

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of Workplace + Design

I am architect and interior designer with over 20 years of experience in working with corporate work spaces, education and healing environments. I enjoy working in a variaty of projects, but I miss the interaction with clients and a faster pace environment. I am engaged in the new design trends and how the new generation defines their mobile style and their new workplace. Their preferences for joining companies that truly offer flexibility, balance work/life and opportunities to collaborate within all levels of the company. Understanding the company goals, strategies and desired member and client experience is key to design performance.
Something about design, workplace services and consulting engagements....
Adriana Bylsma
Workplace Designer
Most recent workplace project it was moving and consolidation of a service company in Grand Rapids in 2012. The 80+ Employees Company hired us for feasibility studies in conjunction with the real estate group to find their new locations. We provide various scenarios of planning and options for allocation of teams, flexibility and future growth. The second phase it was a full interior package where we designed, specified and project managed the project to completion. On 2013 I worked with MSU to move and consolidate some of their Psychology departments. I develop the programming accessed the needs , designed the options, proposed some creative reuse of inventory and new product acquisition ,manage the relationship between clients and vendors, move, IT , installation and punch list. Post occupancy survey and individual user accommodations.
Tell me about your experience Workplace Strategy and Change projects
Please give examples of your experience operating within a Consulting environment.

Networking within professional groups, volunteering and being part of this global network of thinkers and workplace designers. Weekly I post, write and research new articles of innovate management concepts, branding and workplace. I am engaged in the Design community and the Workplace trends, I am an active Board member of IIDA Michigan, writer and active member of Workplace digital platforms, blogs and workplace knowledge communities. I was a Member of Corenet and CREW Florida and recently involved with local commercial real estate companies for consulting engagements in Michigan.
I am a LEED AP for Interior Design and New construction and working towards my EDAC certification as well. I activelly mantaining my continuing education on workplace performance trhough CEUs, presentations and workplace trends reports .
How dor you keep yourself current with the latest trends in the Workplace?
What organization involvement on Workplace Services have you been
involved with?
I worked many yeras in the commercial furniture sales and design consulting business. I also worked few years in the consulting service industry for healthcare and wellness projects. We provided consulting services in SPA design and operations for hotel chains, independent operators or architectural firms. Most recently I was consulting with contsructions and deign built companies, providing conecpt design and material selection
I would like to be involve in creative projects supporting clients business strategies using a full holistic workplace assessment . Costs and LEED compliance has been a key driver in some projects and I believe in the creative re use of inventory and reduce of waste. Culture and technology changes requires new work settings like coworking , hoteling, or non assign spaces should be seem as responsible alternatives.

What tools or methods do you use to secure new business in Workplace related services?
Networking within professional groups, volunteering and being part of this global network of thinkers and workplace designers. It takes a lot of research and personal interested in the new trends and the ever changing work environment. Sharing /telling stories/ selling and promoting the new concepts within the workplace are a passion. Building new relationships with potential project leaders is a natural skill that I acquired over the years. I believe I am making a difference for my clients and organizations bringing knowledge, relevant data, technologies &management tools. I seek the opportunity of being part of their marketing strategy to bring their company mission and message story alive through innovated spaces, team engagement and positive financial results . My years of working in the workplace design made me a curious designer that evolved into a tireless workplace innovator.
Should we discuss some workplace design challenges and opportunities?
616.460.1726 -6161.583.9410
Thank you
let's start...
"Collaborative work will create some level of disruption, but disruption will motivate and encourage changes, growth and will challenge our conventional wisdom and assumptions for workplace design" AB
"This is a new world where our old workplace concepts will be giving space for the yet not fully understood collaborative interaction, and most of us within the design community are also trying to figure it out how that concept plays in our projects. It's beyond design programming as we knew. It's a small revolution." AB
"Companies are not growing in square footage, but the reality is that corporate real estate is shrinking in the large cities but the numbers of Knowledge Workers will increase and their needs are different. What makes them stick around is not the same core values that made the boomers successful in the "corporate setting”. AB
"With the Gen Boomers upcoming retirement from the workforce, companies and new Gens Xs and Ys workers will be moving into leadership positions sooner. It will be a shortage of seasoned talent professionals and companies will compete to bring the new Gens knowledge workers to their Teams"AB
Posts, facts,research thoughts and challenges .....
"The new generation population is growing rapidly in the "cool" cities so market results and different regions will have different outcomes. ( scale, walkability, small neighborhood feel, sense of belonging) . Those concepts will soon be seen within their workspaces "AB
"Corporations are in constant mutation and their teams are evolving due to new market challenges, so workplace will have variables. No one solution fits all. Some factors are:
Company culture+ Company facilities strategy + Company technology plan
Those will change dramatically due to global location, talent diversity, and short and long term market goals."...AB
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