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Much Ado About Nothing

No description

Hailey Hickl

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Much Ado About Nothing

Jealousy in Much Ado
Claudio shamed hero in front of everyone at their wedding because he suspected she slept with someone else before their wedding.
Dave Carroll shames United Airlines by uploading a viral video over how they smashed his guitars in baggage claim.
Alan Markovitz
Cheating Revenge
After this guy comes home to find his girlfriend sleeping in bed with another man, he doesn't freak out immediately freak out, but instead he pulls out his camera and publicly shames her Via Facebook.
What causes jealousy
Forebrain and dopamine and the risk/reward system, but the envy part is purely anger caused by adrenaline and other stress chemical that make blood pressure rise and cause agitation.
What does jealousy do to us
Jealousy makes us angry and irrational, can sometimes make people lose their minds
Someone Jealous Seeks Revenge
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