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The Tlingit Tribe

No description

M2K Kids

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Tlingit Tribe

The men wore breech clothes. Women wore short skirts made from cedar bark. When it started to rain they wore coastal, put on basketry caps from twined spruce root or cedar bark. In the winter, they both wore plain clothes and skirts made of cedar bark. Hope you learned about the Tlingit clothing!
The Tlingit have a very interesting food diet. They have a salmon diet. it includes 5 kinds of salmon. They eat the salmon ALOT! They also eat lots of berries in the spring. Hope you learn a lot!
Arts and Crafts
]They are highly skilled when it comes to arts and crafts. If they are good they can make lots of things. They carved sheep horns into feasting spoon. Carvers worked with ivory, bone, and antler. People mostly worked with wood though. They were known for their fine baskets, totem poles, carving arts, chilkat robes, and other weaving's. Each clan of the tribe inherited a crest. They used very sharp knives. They made their own knives by hand. Each one fitted each carver the right way. hope you learned a lot.
The Tlingit Tribe
The Tlingit lives in the midst of an abundance of timber. They live in Southern Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon Canada, and some of the tribe lives in the North West. they live in groups or villages. original people from the North West Coast lived on land and sea.
Interesting Facts
Here are some interesting facts. The first one is that many people think that is is pronounced Tlin-git but it is also pronounced klin-kit.
The houseds are up to 100 feet long. That's really long if you ask me! They can hold up to 50 people. That's six families. The houses had totem poles on the outside. There are no windows, just one hole at the top of the roof.
By: Alyssa Picciano
raul,raymond, the tlingit,

thanks for listening!
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