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Luke Weihrauch

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Germany

Germany never got colonized. Though it colonized many other countries/cities. Germany colonized: German East Africa (Deutsch Ost-Afrika): Tanganyika;
Ruanda-Urundi; Wituland; Kionga Triangle;
German South West Africa (Deutsch-Südwestafrika):
German West Africa (Deutsch-Westafrika):
Kamerun; Togoland ;
German New Guinea: (Deutsch-Neuguinea)
Kaiser-Wilhelmsland; Bismarck Archipelago (Bismarck-Archipel);
German Solomon Islands; Bougainville Island (Bougainville-Insel) ;
Nauru; Marshall Islands (Marschall-Inseln); Mariana Islands (Marianen);
Caroline Islands (Karolinen); German Samoa (Deutsch-Samoa);
Jiaozhou Bay (Deutsch-Kiautschou);Chefoo; Qindao;

Qingdao is a city Germany colonized. Qingdao was colonized, becuse it had so much salt, which Germany needed. For example the german architecture. Or the german beer Qingdao Qingdao got colonized by Germany in 1897 Germany totally took over Qingdao. After they colonized the country they built many buildings in the city(German architecture) Straight after that, Germany even built their own Brewery where they made the well-known beer Tsingtao. So as already said, Germany totally took over Qingdao. Not only they collonized the architecture, no even their taste. Beause of World War 1 (ww1) Germany got distracted. Japan used that opportunity and took over Qingdao (1914). After Japan had taken over Qingdao, China wanted the control of
Qingdao. In 1922 Japan finally got defeated and China regained the control
of Qingdao. After World War 2 the german architecture was seen
as a very gurgeous part of the city. Many people visited
and still visit Qingdao just because of the german architecture
or the german beer brewery. Even though it is not under the control of Germany anymore it still has some german things. Like:

So even though China has the control over Qingdao there is still very much german stuff. Like the architecure or the beer. I hope you enjoyed watching this presentation by Luke Weihrauch. Bibliography:








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